American Express Centurion Card Push Art Card and Prada Induction Bracelet Crossover Art Fashion

American Express Centurion Card has launched a new image in the Taiwan market, and cross-border art fashion has launched Centurion Art Card and Prada sensor bracelet. Since its global launch in 1999 and its arrival in Taiwan in 2010, the American Express Centurion Card has become a globally recognized symbol of honor. To provide Centurion card members with unique experiences in the fields of arts and culture and excellent travel experiences, with the support of a dedicated concierge/membership management team, to assist in planning and meeting the individual needs of card members.

Customization, excellent service and high quality are at the heart of Centurion products. Centurion is more than a card, it is a mode of experiencing the good life, its new image presents the “art of living” and explores new horizons for the scene. The newly designed Centurion card is shining with inspiration. In addition to the “classic card”, there are two more “art cards”, and the Prada Centurion induction bracelet is officially coming to Taiwan, allowing card members to appreciate life from a new perspective. The Centurion “Art Card” is the result of the collaboration of the “ART x CENTURION” program. Koolhaas Rem Koolhaas, can be Haind. Working together, Kehinde Wiley has redesigned and reimagined the Centurion card, bringing artistic ingenuity to the Centurion card that is always by your side.

Centurion members can choose their favorite from three card face designs, including the redesigned “Classic Card”, “Koolhaas Art Card” or “Villi Art Card”. Rem. Koolhaas is one of the greatest architects of the 20th and 21st centuries. He is the winner of the “Nobel Prize in Architecture” and the Pritzker Prize, and is highly respected by world-class art museums. In 2020, it will be the protagonist of the Guggenheim Museum’s annual exhibition, with its rich exhibits spanning the entire venue.

The architectural team led by Koolhaas also participated in the design of the venue of the Taipei Performing Arts Center, which will be opened in July this year. Centurion’s “Koolhaas Art Card” was inspired by one of his 1982 paintings. Rem. Koolhaas was involved in a much-anticipated competition to design the newly developed blueprint “Boompjes” for the core area of ​​Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port. He transforms his astonishing vision into aesthetics. The work is displayed in the form of a giant triptych. Although it is an architectural study drawing, it is more like a modern art installation.

It has become one of the most artistic architectural drawings in history. In addition to the strong structure and full of pragmatism, the lines are natural, full of playfulness and profound beauty. Can Hayend.

Veri was invited to paint the portrait of the 44th President of the United States, and was recently awarded the Medal of Honor by the French government for his outstanding contributions to the arts. Veri’s works are strong and flamboyant in style, injecting new ideas into Western classical portraiture. With a wave of the brush, the plants and flowers are in full bloom, and the bright light and color are used appropriately, revealing a contemporary atmosphere. Veri once said that vines and flowers show a high profile in my work, clearly presenting my creative philosophy, and ordinary people take it for granted as the background, and now they are walking in the front and occupying a prominent position.

Inspired by the 2012 painting “Princess Victoire of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha”, the Centurion “Veri Art Card” gives a lush green color to the card design, perfectly showing Veri The surging power of the work and the vision that embraces the world. All Centurion members per account, including Principal (1) and Centurion Affiliate (2) members, can choose from one of three new card face designs.

Regarding the Prada Centurion sensor bracelet, Prada, like American Express, is full of passion for art and culture, and it is also a well-known “thinking” fashion brand that challenges established conventions through experiments. The PRADA x CENTURION project also drove the idea of ​​a sleeker, more elegant wearable card, eliminating the need for wires and chargers, and omitting that often depleted battery, no batteries, no charging. An innovative design that combines luxury and technology, fashion and function, leading the way with a pioneering attitude, going beyond the traditional realm of the Centurion card. The material of the bracelet is the famous material commonly used by Prada – Saffiano cross-embossed cowhide.

The color of the bracelet is black. Made to order in Italy. In terms of the number of issuances, each Centurion member can receive a maximum of one sensor bracelet, and each account can receive a maximum of two. Bracelet payment method works the same as the contactless payment function of any contactless credit card, and like any American Express contactless payment credit card, it is one touch. In addition, Centurion members can enjoy a free printing service to engrave the initials of their English names on the inside of the induction bracelet. This service will be provided by some designated Prada stores.