Anti-AIDS Drug “Kelizhi” has a Certain Effect on the Coronavirus

In the face of new viruses, there is currently no vaccine and no specific medicine. During the process of diagnosis and treatment, the medical staff of Jinyintan Hospital found that their previous anti-AIDS drug Kelizhi had a certain effect on the new coronavirus. Soon, this medicine was first used for treatment at Jinyintan Hospital.

Zhang Dingyu said, “I have to run faster in order to outperform time. I have to run faster to get back more patients from the virus.”

Zhang Dingyu’s wife is also a medical worker. After the outbreak, she unfortunately became ill and was admitted to Wuhan No. 4 Hospital. Zhang Dingyu, tens of kilometers away, was anxious when he heard the news. He wanted to rush to the hospital immediately to see his wife. But he really couldn’t get away. There were more than 500 patients at the Jinyintan Hospital at that time, and there were too many things to deal with.

It was already early in the morning the next day after busy finishing these things, Zhang Dingyu hurried to his wife’s hospital ward. He had never been afraid of the epidemic, this time he was really afraid. “I feel guilty. I may be a good doctor, but not a good husband. I don’t know if my wife’s condition will return or if it will worsen. We have been married for 28 years, and I am afraid that I will lose her this time.”

“From December 29 last year to the present, President Zhang left the hospital only two nights earlier.” Colleagues recalled that it was later learned that the dean’s wife had contracted a new type of pneumonia, and he needed to go back and take care of his family members.

It is gratifying that on January 29, 2020, Zhang Dingyu’s wife recovered and was discharged. After a brief moment of joy, he plunged into the fight against the virus.

“My wife is infected with a new type of coronavirus, but she is very fortunate. I am grateful for the effectiveness of her antiviral drugs,” Zhang Dingyu said. Imagine. When we are desperate to rescue patients, the whole thing is behind us. ”

Not afraid of “gradual freezing”

People around Zhang Dingyu found that for more than a year, Dean Zhang had a problem with his leg and limped along the way. Many people asked him what was wrong, he always said that it was all right, but his knee joint was bad. It wasn’t until these days that he disclosed the truth to the media. It turned out that he had developed the icing disease more than a year ago.

“There is no cure for this disease. In the early days, patients may just feel weak, jumpy, and tired easily. Gradually, muscle strength will start to shrink, neuron function will start to shrink, and finally the power of breathing It’s gone. “Zhang Dingyu said calmly when he said this sentence.

Before the epidemic happened, Zhang Dingyu would go for exercise on foot when he was free. He said he cherishes the time he can walk.

“If your life starts to count down, you will be desperate to do something against the clock!” Zhang Dingyu said, “If you are lucky, I will have 8 to 10 years. If unfortunate, give me up to 5 Years, 6 years, but I will make good use of this time and enjoy the rest of my life. ”