Apple has a Problem with the iPhones

Millions of iPhones are expected to be sold during the holiday season this year, but there are reports that Apple is not prepared for the massive pressure on its servers, which will come as all new iPhone owners are rushing to activate their devices. In 2017, Of half of all new phones will be activated on Christmas Day.

This year the devices sold are likely to be more than last year, which means that Apple’s systems will have to work harder to handle all the traffic resulting from people operating and activating their phones, and there will be great demand on Apple’s servers, where everyone activates their new devices and logs on to App Store, and upload updates to iOS.

Technology expert Ewan Spence wrote that in previous years, the activation of iPhones was slow because of the great pressure, and Christmas 2018 will be one of those moments where activation may be continuous without interruption.

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