Apple Watch Puts New Features in its Band

Apple acquired three patents for the Apple Watch band on September 3.

The first patent is Apple Watch’s next-generation biometric sensor, the second is an indicator that displays the user’s health status as an icon, and the third is a band length adjustment system for perfect fit according to the use of Apple Watch.

The patent includes a biometric sensor in the Apple Watch band. The biometric sensor is mounted in the yellow part of the figure in the patent drawing. The biometric sensor has an infrared thermal image sensor that recognizes the skin on the wearer’s wrist.
It can analyze muscles, tendons, pigments, pores, hair follicles, blood vessels, veins, and arterial patterns, as well as skin patterns on the wrist. The biometric sensor is expected to be used in the next generation of Touch ID biometrics.

■ Wearable device indicator
(Patent name: Indicators for wearable electronic devices)

This patent is a backlit indicator to indicate work in progress. The band’s on-board indicators show the progress of your ‘Activities’ app and heart rate monitoring, and other icons such as running and swimming to indicate that a particular activity is currently being tracked or in progress.
The yellow part of FIG.2A in the middle left of the picture is the display screen. 5A is an independently illuminated area, and 5B is an integrated band with an arched progress dial. 5C is a display screen in which several icons can be illuminated respectively. This patent was filed in March 2017.

■ Wearable device band automatic adjustment
(Patent name: Dynamic fit adjustment for wearable electronic devices)

The band is a self-adjustable band that allows you to wear the band loosely when you’re at rest and wear it tightly when you’re exercising.
For example, when measuring your heart rate, you should wear it automatically and comfortably to avoid disturbing your blood circulation. This patent was filed in September 2016.