Sony’s New Wireless Headphones Improved Noise Filtering

Spectacular sound, new design and improved noise filtering make the Sony WF-1000XM4 a very successful headphone.

Returning to routine after the corona period (in the meantime) reminded us all how noisy the world is. In recent years headphones with active noise cancellation allow us all to disconnect from the environment and enjoy some quiet – or our favorite music.

The one that dominates the category today is of course Apple, with the AirPods Pro, although you can find significantly cheaper models that do a great job. Now, the one who continues to try and bite into the market share of the company from Cupertino is Sony, which recently launched its new wireless headphones with the least branded name WF-1000XM4, which is precisely why we will now call them XM4.

According to Sony, the XM4 is 10% smaller than the previous generation, but in practice it is still not enough, because compared to other headphones that can be found in the market in the same category – they are still plump, and some would say very awkward. To me as a person with small dimensions, they look very large when they are in the ears.

On the other hand, the charging case (the case) has received a 40% diet in its size, and as befits products from the past year, it is charged via a Type-C connection, along with wireless charging. In terms of materials, both the headphones and the charging case make use of plastic that is pleasant to the touch and slightly rough.

Also, Sony decided that it is possible otherwise – and did not forget the environment (unlike other technology companies). The outer packaging of the headphones is made from 100% recycled materials and does not include the use of plastic.

The new model uses Sony’s new chip – V1, which combines a dual microphone array to silence noise, and will replace the QN1e that were in the previous generation. According to the company, this is an upgraded processor that knows how to detect ambient noise and also neutralize lower tones.

It seems that anyone who listens to music in these headphones will feel in the studio will be surprised by the performance. First, unlike a lot of headphones you’ll find on the market, the XM4 has powerful and powerful basses. On top of that, the high notes are sharp and clean with no distortions and you do not need to turn up the volume to enjoy the music.