At Consensus 2018 Dozens of Lambo park at the Hilton in Manhattan

Lamborghini is the symbol of the bit-coin, and it was enough to have looked at the Consensus, the sprawling is more important conference on the cryptocurrency organized last week in Manhattan, to understand why. Dozens of Lamborghini parked on display in front of the Hilton atrium, so that everyone could assimilate the concept well.

A brilliant invention in the wild world of cryptocurrency. Translated: if you can buy one of the most expensive cars in the world using bitcoins, it means that bitcoins can not be a joke.

For its part, the house of Sant’Agata Bolognese has announced that sales have increased, with a record spike in January. “Historically, the Lamborghini have always been a symbol of excessive and unreasonable wealth, because in reality no one needs a Lamborghini,” says Susan Cantor, administrator of the branding agency Red Peak.
“Trademarks that are specifically associated with people due to socio-economic status are however subject to risk. Lamborghini should stick to its essence, which concerns performance “.

However, the Toro brand seems to appreciate all this. In a CNBC interview, CEO Stefano Domenicali explained that young people love Lamborghini. And Susan Cantor herself agrees: “Lamborghins are associated with a young way of building wealth, and the downside is that they could also be associated with an arrogant culture, but that’s not the worst thing you can expect from the market.”