Austrian Vice Chancellor’s Resignation Because of the “Russian Voman Scandal”

Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz Christian Strache, who was in the center of the scandal, announced that he was retiring.
He said that tomorrow he will also take over the powers of the chairman of the Austrian Freedom Party (MPS), the post will be transferred to the current Minister of Transport Norbert Hofer.

In 2017, the conservative Austrian People’s Party, headed by Kurtz, formed a coalition government with the APS. As reported by the media, the chancellor does not see an opportunity to continue working with Strache and will announce early parliamentary elections.

Confessions of a vice chancellor
Strache also admitted that he really met a woman with whom he was captured in a scandalous video. According to him, it was only once – during the “private dinner” when he was on vacation.

“After I no longer had contact with her, I never saw her again,” said Strache, stressing that she did not receive any help from the APS and none of her members contacted this woman.
The head of the APS added that he was filmed while intoxicated and the attackers took advantage of this.

Publications in the media, he called the “deliberate political murder.”

The scandal around the vice-chancellor broke out after the Spiegel and Sueddeutsche Zeitung publications published fragments of the video recording that had come to their disposal. She allegedly captures the meeting of Strache with a woman, whom the publications call Russian Alena Makarova. According to media reports, the meeting took place in 2017, it allegedly discussed the possibility of buying the Austrian newspaper Makarova Kronen Zeitung. In addition, Strache allegedly promised her to provide access to government contracts, and in return he would like to receive financial assistance for the MTA in parliamentary elections.

The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of Austria said it would check this video.