Detox Drinks: Experts Reveal the Truth

In this period of the year, many women resort to harsh food, strict sports regulations and strange practices to get the perfect body. While experts always recommend a balanced diet and a slow pace to achieve a healthy weight loss, many women resort to quick fixes, some of which may not be as healthy as ditux.

Experts have recently discovered that what happens in the body during the time you eat detox juice may not be quite healthy, this type of beverage – which makes the body actually appear thinner – may cause you to lose large amounts of water and may damage your muscles, because of the content These drinks are low in complex carbohydrates and proteins, which may make you look thinner while you actually lose part of your muscles.

Not only is this damage, but Ditex drinks may cause you to:

A general condition in the body may cause you sudden fainting.
Large mood swings due to large and rapid changes in glucose levels in the body.
Experts are advised to stay away from so-called dietox, or to regulate toxins from the body, and to make healthy decisions instead of all these, such as avoiding:

Foods rich in sugar.
The fried food.
Food processor and cans.
And replace all these fruits and vegetables and food rich in proteins and all the manufacture of whole grains.

While DITOX may not only cause you a lot of damage – as opposed to diet-based diets only – these juices may not be quite healthy at the nutritional level. These juices (especially those that contain fruit types) ) On large amounts of sugar (estimated at 6-8 teaspoons of sugar), may be addressed over the course of consecutive days to manipulate the levels of glucose and insulin in the long term, especially in women.

So if you’re a fan of Ditux Juice, you should be careful about the following:

The juice industry of vegetables just does not fruit.
The use of vegetables with bright colors and rich in nutrients free of harmful sugars, such as: carrots, spinach, beets.
If your goal of detox juice is to lose excess weight, you should avoid additives that may raise the calorie level in the detox juice and dramatically, such as: avocados, apples, shea seeds, coconut juice.

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