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ASIT biotech, a Belgian biopharmaceutical company specializing in the research and development of innovative immunotherapy products for the treatment of allergies, held a Board of Directors on October 13, 2020 and reports on the decisions taken at the end of it :

the conditions for transforming the pre-agreement announced on September 20, 2020 with the partner active in allergy (and which had in particular founded the request for an extension of the stay) into a definitive agreement (“binding”) are not met;
during the suspension recently extended until February 11, 2021, the company will continue its efforts to enhance the value of its assets;
its activities no longer require the contribution of two senior profiles such as those of Michel Baijot (CEO) and Frank Hazevoets (CFO); therefore Michel Baijot decided to step down as CEO and Frank Hazevoets was appointed CEO. Michel Baijot remains committed to the company as a director.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors Yves Désiront and the members of the Board warmly thank Michel Baijot for the exercise of his mandate as CEO, during which he deployed efforts, passion and energy to put ASIT biotech on new tracks, slowed down however by unsatisfactory results in clinical studies; they wish Frank Hazevoets the best in his new mission.

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