Remedy for Broken Nails

Physical illness or bad daily habits can cause abnormalities in your nails.

Wear cotton-lined gloves when gardening or doing various household chores (dishes).

When your nails have “snags”, file them as quickly as possible to prevent them from breaking.

Apply a moisturizer on your hands AND your nails, without forgetting to massage so that the cream enters under the cuticles.

Some grandmother remedy
In addition to the tips above to cure your brittle nails, there are several natural remedies that are supposed to improve the appearance of your nails … Their effectiveness is not scientifically proven, but may they work for you.

Regularly massage your fingers and nails with a few drops of olive oil or sweet almond.

At least a week a month, give your nails “holidays” by not using any varnish or remover.

Always apply a protective base before your favorite nail polish.

Rub your nails with lemon 2-3 times a week: apparently, it strengthens and whitens them.

Dip your nails daily in a bath of warm salt water, for about ten minutes (1 tablespoon of salt for a liter of water). After two weeks, the nails are apparently harder. Then repeat once or twice a week.

Do you have brittle nails?

We all want to wear neat hands with pretty nails … Unfortunately, many minor problems and / or habits can prevent them from pushing. Why? Are brittle nails often caused by deficiencies? Let’s try to see a little more clearly.

All the nails are different. The little problems they cause us are not the same in different people and situations. In addition, they often have distinct origins. Here is a small summary (not exhaustive) of the most common embarrassments as well as their possible reasons for being:

Ribbed nails
Caused by aging (these are “wrinkles”) and in some rare cases by a problem of thyroid or anemia.

Brittle and / or splitting nails
Signs of deficiencies (iron, zinc, vitamin A or B, silicon, proteins).

Nails stained with white
Contrary to popular belief, it is not a lack of calcium. The spots are rather caused by “trauma”, for example in the case of manicures too frequent or when using our nails to scratch, open boxes, etc.

Soft nails
The most common cause of brittle and soft nails is a deficiency of sulfur.

In addition, even without particular deficiencies, people who wash and dry their nails a very large number of times a day (for example, nurses or hairdressers) more often have nails that break.

How to remedy brittle nails?
In most cases of brittle nails, the health of your nails can be improved in a few weeks by following the recommendations below.

Promote a healthy and balanced diet: if you follow the Canadian guide and consume enough fruits and vegetables, protein, whole grains, etc. all your nutritional needs will be met and there is a good chance that any deficiencies will disappear.

Take a supplement, asking for advice from your pharmacist (multivitamin).

Do not use your nails as “tools” to tap, scratch, open a box, etc.

Beautiful, healthy nails is a compulsory maintenance course for beauty women. Healthy nails should be rosy, tough, and shiny, but sometimes the nails will break inexplicably, become brittle and thin, making the hands look rough and dry. Physical illness or bad daily habits can cause abnormalities in your nails. The Healthy Living website summarizes the following six reasons for us.

1. Iron deficiency in the body: low levels of iron in the body or anemia can cause nails to sag or sag. Iron helps the body to form hemoglobin, a molecule that transports red blood cells loaded with fresh oxygen into the nail matrix, making the nail look rosy and smooth. If there is not enough iron, it will hinder nail formation. So if you see the nails sag inward, you should check the blood to see if the iron content in the body is insufficient.

2. Keep texting or typing on the keyboard: If the nail repeatedly touches the keyboard or smartphone, it will cause breakage or edge wear. The solution is to trim the nails, leaving only a little white fingertips (but still below the fleshy top of the fingers). This will allow you to touch the keyboard or screen with only the fleshy part of your finger.

Use hand cream only in the morning: Put hand cream after each hand washing. Moisture evaporation after washing hands will dry the skin. If the stratum corneum part of the finger is dry, the nail base underneath will also dry out, causing the nail to break. You can purchase a fast-absorbing hand cream that is used after each hand washing, paying special attention to the area on the nail substrate, from the stratum corneum to the second joint of the finger.

Use too much nail polish: All nail polishes contain a dry ingredient that removes moisture from the nails and makes them fragile. Even the five-free nail polish, solvent-free toluene and the plasticizer dibutyl phthalate, as well as other potentially irritating ingredients, can dry the nails. Experts recommend rubbing off the nail polish 5 days after it is applied, and most of the nail polish will also fall off automatically. Then let the nails rest for a few days, fully contact the air, and then reapply the nail polish.

Use the primer before applying the nail polish: Some people like to apply a primer before applying the nail polish, but this will cause damage to the nail. If you apply nail polish directly, the chemical composition will eventually corrode your nails, making your nails more fragile and easier to break. Apply a hand cream to your nails before applying nail polish. It will fill the tiny gaps in the nails, just like a layer of oil, and moisturize the nails, so that the nails are not easily damaged by dry ingredients. Let the hand cream dry naturally, wipe off the excess hand cream, and then apply the nail polish as usual.

Lack of vitamins or protein in the body: Vitamin B has been widely praised as a hair and nail enhancer. A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that taking 2.5 mg of vitamin B per day improved nail strength and reduced fragility after 6 to 9 months. Although protein deficiency is rare in today’s society, if your nail tips are falling off or showing vertical stripes (the two signs of nails becoming brittle), biotin can be used to improve this condition. Taking 2.5 mg of biotin supplement daily may take several months to see the effect and consult a doctor before taking it.