BMW: Electric Car with Solid-State Battery Comes Before 2025

The German car manufacturer BMW is also relying on solid-state batteries to develop electromobility. The plan is to present the first model vehicle well before 2025, said Development Director Frank Weber.

Such a battery should be implemented for series use by the end of the decade. The energy density of battery cells should increase by at least a mid-double-digit percentage by then.

The German government is supporting research in this area with around 68 million euros as part of the joint European project for battery cell funding (IPCEI), and the Free State of Bavaria is also participating in the funding.

Double the range
Solid-state batteries are seen as one of the great hopes for the electric car industry. Compared to today’s lithium-ion batteries, they have the potential to have 50 to 100 percent more energy density. In the ideal case, this means: double the range with the same size of the battery.

Solid-state batteries should also charge faster, have a longer service life and be less flammable. If a lithium-ion battery burns after a car accident, it is difficult to extinguish.

It has already happened that the battery was ignited again later, although the car was already considered extinguished. Electric cars are therefore sunk in a steel container with water for at least 24 hours after an accident to ensure that the battery is completely extinguished.