Brazil: PSDB Calls Meeting to Debate Bolsonaro’s Impeachment

Brazil is now articulating to react to the Independence Day demonstrations.

In an official note on its social networks, the party says that the meeting takes place “in light of the very serious statements of the President of the Republic this Tuesday, 7 September.

There was immense anticipation surrounding the volume of protests and the tone that President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) would adopt in his speeches. As he continued belligerently, his followers and opponents sharpen their lines—and actions—to respond accordingly.

Throughout Tuesday, only ministers Alexandre de Moraes and Luís Roberto Barroso, the most attacked by Bolsonaro, made statements about the acts on social networks.

Moraes wrote: “We celebrate our Independence, which guaranteed our Freedom and which is only strengthened with absolute respect for Democracy”.

In his post, Barroso defended “free, clean and safe elections” and recalled that “since 88, the will of the people: Collor, FHC, Lula, Dilma and Bolsonaro”.

Fux met, according to an investigation by analyst Thiís Arbex, at the beginning of the evening by teleconference with the other ministers to discuss the manifestations and the STF’s reaction to Bolsonaro’s speeches.

“Either the head of this Power, Luiz Fux frames his minister or this Power can suffer what we don’t want,” said Jair Bolsonaro to a sea of ​​supporters at the Esplanada dos Miniserios, in Brasil, in reference to the Federal Supreme Court (STF). The president was speaking alongside some ministers, such as Braga Netto, from Defence, Onyx Lorenzoni, from Labour, and Damares Alves, from Human Rights. The tone used by the president led the PSDB to announce that it will discuss on Wednesday its position on Bolsonaro’s impeachment. Hours later, Bolsonaro repeated the speech to the audience on Avenida Paulista, adding only the name of STF minister Alexandre de Moraes, whom he had not mentioned in the federal capital, and criticisms about the Brazilian electoral system. . Contrary to what was planned by the Federal District Military Police, trucks, among other vehicles, circulated along the streets of the center of Brazil, after the protesters broke the first barrier established by the Military Police. This Tuesday’s acts are seen abroad as an “insurrection” that endangers Brazil’s democracy and former presidents and politicians from 26 countries signed a letter warning of the situation. Meanwhile, the health crisis continues with a downward trend as vaccination advances. Brazil recorded over 13,645 cases and 361 deaths by covid-19 on Tuesday. For the first time in nine months, the moving average of deaths was less than 600. The country has 20.91 million infected and 584,171 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

The president stated, in his speech in Sao Paulo, that “any decision made by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, that president will no longer carry out.”

Another harsh speech by the president, also in Sao Paulo, was directed at “those who want to make me ineligible in Brazil: ‘only God can get me out of there’. Warning to scoundrels: I will not be arrested

After withdrawing the Brazilian Empire’s flag by decision of Fux, TJ-MS exalts the period of the monarchy
In a publication on social networks, the official website of the Court of Justice praised the beginning of the “longest and most promising period of stability and progress” during the monarchic form of government.

The Court of Justice of Mato Grosso do Sul (TJ-MS) praised on a social network, on Tuesday (7), the beginning of the constitutional monarchy in Brazil, as “the longest and most promising period of stability and progress during the monarchical form of government”.

The publication came soon after the removal of the Brasil Império flag from the Court’s headquarters, in Campo Grande, as determined by the president of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Minister Luiz Fux.

Brazil Imperio’s flag is hoisted at the MS Court of Justice: ‘Celebrate Independence’, says organ.
In the post made by the page “tjmsoficial” on a social network, the Court highlights the 7th of September, with a Brazilian flag in the background, and states that “199 years ago Brazil declared its independence from Portugal to become a constitutional monarchy, having as Emperor D. Pedro I”.

The message goes on to say that “the longest and most promising period of stability and progress during the monarchical form of government began,” he concludes. A little more than 4 hours after being published, the post already had more than 500 likes and 150 comments – these, in great majority, critical to the content of the message.


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The 8th of September has arrived. Brazil is now articulating to react to the Independence Day demonstrations.

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