Brigitte Bardot for Hulot Resignation: “He did not do anything at ll”

A few hours after the resignation of former minister Nicolas Hulot, animal activist and French actress Brigitte Bardot welcomes this decision and strongly criticizes its record on BFMTV.

Brigitte Bardot does not hide his satisfaction to see Nicolas Hulot leaving the government. “Whew, it’s better than I hoped!” she exclaims on Tuesday on BFMTV. The animal rights activist, who had previously criticized the work of the former Minister for Ecological Transition, believes that he “did nothing” from his position in the government:

“When one has the power of a minister, one imposes oneself, one does not allow oneself to be twisted by Pierre, Paul, Jacques or Emmanuel,” she declares. “We have to come across a guy who imposes the project on the government, Nicolas Hulot did not have that authority.”


The former actress lists the actions she blames the minister since taking office alongside Emmanuel Macron:

“For animals apart kill 40 wolves as soon as he came to power except leave the glyphosate to poison and give cancer to everyone, except to abolish the decree that had made Ségolène Royal to impose the ban on cetacean production in Marinelands, he did nothing at all. ”

It was during an interview on France inter that Nicolas Hulot announced his departure in the morning, to everyone’s surprise.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder