CoronaVac did not Reach 90% of Effectiveness in Tests in Brazil Says Minister of Health

CoronaVac did not reach 90% of effectiveness in tests in Brazil, says Minister of Health of SP

Jean Gorinchteyn says that vaccine “would never” reach the percentage because of the method used in production. However, he points out that the immunizer is effective and will be fundamental in facing the pandemic.

The State Secretary of Health of Sao Paulo, Jean Gorinchteyn, said on Thursday (24) that CoronaVac did not reach 90% efficiency in tests carried out in Brazil.

“It did not reach 90% (in tests in Brazil), but it is at levels that allow us to reduce the impact of disease on our population,” said Gorinchteyn, citing that the percentage is higher than the minimum of 50% recommended by the World Health Organization. Health (WHO).

The fee obtained in Brazil should have been released on Wednesday (23) by the Butantan Institute, but, according to the institute, the Chinese laboratory Sinovac asked for the announcement to be postponed. The company wants to analyze the test data to understand different percentages obtained in the countries where the immunizer is tested.

In an interview with Rodrigo Bocardi, on CBN’s Ponto Final program, Jean Gorinchteyn said that, considering the technique used in the development of the vaccine, there was no expectation of reaching this percentage. “We knew that effectiveness would never reach 90%,” said Gorinchteyn.

The secretary justified the expectation by citing that vaccines formulated with fragments of viruses, the so-called inactivated viruses, as in the case of CoronaVac, end up producing a lower percentage of defense than those that use, for example, the technique called attenuated virus (see special types of vaccines).

“What we did not imagine is that the company (Sinovac) wanted, and aimed, a unity, a very close result in all countries, and not only in one or the other country”, said the secretary, justifying the postponement of the disclosure of the Dice.

During the interview, Gorinchteyn did not explain how Turkey, using the same vaccine, reached 91.25% effectiveness. But the secretary said it was normal to have some difference between tests. “We are not going to have the same response for different populations, because they are very peculiar populations from a genetic, racial point of view,” said Gorinchteyn.

Sought earlier by G1, the Butantan Institute said it “does not comment on information regarding Sinovac contracts with other countries”.

According to the news agencies, the data from Turkey are preliminary conclusions of phase 3 of the study, which is still ongoing. The result considers 29 people infected in a smaller group of volunteers, with three cases among those who received the vaccine and 26 in the placebo group.

In Brazil, Butantan had already verified more than 170 infected people until the middle of December among its 13 thousand volunteers, which points out that the Brazilian study is at a more advanced stage. Even before, on November 23, Butantan had already reached the minimum number of infected people if it wanted to disclose a previous analysis equivalent to that of Turkey.

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