Poverty Affects Women More in Argentina

How the richest in Argentina distribute their assets
While poverty affects women more, wealth is masculine: 74% of the people who declared assets are men. Almost half opted for cash payment. How many goods are out of the country. How the audit continues.

The total declared by the people who paid or accessed the payment plan to comply with the Solidarity Contribution for large fortunes exceeded $ 6.7 billion, according to official data. This figure includes the assets of 10,000 taxpayers who fulfilled their obligations to the Federal Administration of Public Revenue.

How are these fortunes distributed? According to official data, 52% are goods found in the country while the remaining 48% are declared abroad.

The figures also show that most of the wealth is in the hands of men. Just as poverty affects women more, there is, as a counterpart, a masculinization of wealth in Argentina: 74% of the people who paid are men while the remaining 26% correspond to women.

Almost half of those with assets greater than $ 200 million opted for the cash payment, while the rest opted for the installments that the Government authorized.

The relationship is maintained when the distribution of income generated by gender is evaluated (it is the gender identified in the CUIT of each taxpayer). Of the $ 233,000 million that were entered for the payment – in cash or in installments – about $ 177,000 million, 76% of the total income was generated by men. Equities headed by women represented more than $ 53,000 million, 24% of the resources of the Solidarity and Extraordinary Contribution.

According to official sources, “that 3 out of every 4 pesos generated come from wealth headed by men shows an additional progressive element” of the so-called tax on large fortunes.

1) Securities, shares, quotas or social participations and other securities represent 67% of the assets reported by people with assets exceeding $ 200 million. Half of those declared assets are abroad.

2) Money deposits and banknote holdings account for 17% of all declared assets. More than 70% of the assets are holdings in foreign currency that are located abroad.

3) With 6% of the total amount declared, properties are the third most relevant item. 46% corresponds to properties abroad

4) Credits and negotiable obligations explain 5% of the total equity declared by the people who paid the solidarity and extraordinary contribution.

5) On the other hand, cars, ships and aircraft were also declared worth more than $ 25,000 million.