Covid: Google Maps Tells How Crowded Places and Clubs Are

In times of coronavirus, Google improves and expands the system that allows you to estimate how crowded shops and public places are, so you can avoid rush hours at the supermarket or choose the least frequented park. The announcement came during the “Search On 2020” online event, in which the Californian company presented some news related to Google Search.

Google is able to estimate the crowding using the – anonymous – data on the location of users who have consented to use in their account settings. This information on the days and hours of greatest and least crowding has been provided since 2016 but now, explains Big G, with the pandemic their use has increased, with a + 50% between March and May.

For this reason, “we have expanded real-time crowding information to millions of places around the world and are on track to increase global coverage five times over June 2020, Google points out. The expansion includes more areas at It is open such as beaches and parks, and essential businesses such as grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies.

Furthermore, in order to obtain information about the times with the most visits, it is no longer necessary to search for the specific place. In fact, the data will soon appear in the directions and directly on the map. The news, Google assures.