Deadly Nightclub Attacker in Istanbult: ‘My Goal was to Kill Christians’

Story: Hülya Karahan

ISIS member Abdulkadir Masharipov  was imprisoned on Saturday (February 11) after having been kept in custody since he was caught in İstanbul on January 17th.

Suspect of the deadly nightclub attack in İstanbul on New Year’s Eve night, Masharipov said in his testimony that he held the attack ‘to take revenge on Christians.’

Uzbek citizen Abdulkadir Masharipov, who killed 39 people in the armed attack on the nightclub Reina in Ortaköy, Istanbul, was
arrested. On Saturday, the 11th Criminal Court of First Instance  sent to Masharipov to the Silivri Penitentiary, accusing him of attempting to remove the constitutional order, being a member of the armed terrorist organization, and killing more than one qualified person.

The ISIS member, Masharipov, claimed that the target was to kill the Christians in attacking.

“I wanted to stage the attack on Christians in order to exact revenge on them for their acts committed all over the world. My aim was to kill Christians. Abu Cihad, who is in Syria, told me to carry out the attack in Taksim, saying ‘Christians are gathering in Taksim,’” Masharipov said, adding that he could not stage the attack in Taksim due to strict security measures.

During his testimony, Masharipov said he was a member of ISIS but had not participated in any attacks by the militant organization before the Reina attack.
“If I saw the police when I went to the disciples, things could have developed differently”

Abdulkadir Masharipov  said that he had changed his mind because of the surplus of police measures while he was exploring in Taksim on 31 December. He said that he went to Reina in Ortaköy to make explorations later.

Masharipov, “I never entered Reina before. When I spoke with Abu Jihad, I said, ‘I can not do this on December 31 or another day,’ I said. I went to the front of the door. There was no police. I have not seen security. I returned to Zeytinburnu to take the weapons. After I took the guns, I went back to Reina. The police saw me and I fired when I wanted to go inside. Then I turned on the police fire and I went inside. When I first came to see the police, the events could have developed in a different way, “he said.

Masharipov wants to be sentenced to death.

After shooting the policeman at Reina’s door,  Abdulkadir Masharipov accepted that he entered inside and shot at random people with Kalashnikov. According to Hürriyet newspaper, he wanted to commit suicide when there was no bullet in the gun.

“The death sentence should be given. I wanted to kill myself in order not to fall into hostage. So after all the bullets were exhausted, I threw the flashbangs later. Nothing happened. I survive. Actually, I went to die. They tell me why they work against Turkey,  I do not think I did anything against the Turkish state. I have not found an anti-Turkey movement. I took revenge. I do not regret what I did. I think I’m short. It would be better if the death sentence was given. ”

Abdulkadir Masharipov, who first joined the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in the Veziristan region on the border with Pakistan and Afghanistan, and later joined the group of Islamic Jihad Union, in 2014  and obeyed to Ebu Sayir, the commander of the ISIS in the  region.

Called by the organization to Syria, Reina’s attacker illegally traveled to Saravan in Iran in the last month of 2014 with his wife However, in January of 2016, when he could not reach this goal, he illegally went to Van with a group of Afghan, Uyghur and Chechen.


It is stated that Masharipov, who came to Istanbul from Van, plans an action with İlyas Mamasharipov.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Masharipov recorded a “farewell video” before staging the attack. In the video recorded on Dec. 27, 2016, the ISIS militant is seen saying he will stage a suicide attack.

According to the footage, Masharipov advises his son to become a suicide bomber like himself. The authorities are attempting to determine whether the video was recorded by the ISIS militant’s wife, Zarina Nurullayeva.