Deep Down Stocks Counterattack

Seventy days to the end of the U.S. presidential election, although Biden continues to lead the polls, the gap has narrowed. It is generally expected that if President Trump can be re-elected, U.S. stocks will have a relatively chance to maintain a long-term trend. However, if Biden is elected, There are relatively many variables. As the election has become fierce, the possibility of increased volatility in the stock market has also increased, especially with regard to China’s policy and Taiwan’s close relationship, and news will also affect short-term performance.

From a purely technical point of view, the weighted index remains stable and relatively high-end after its high. If there is not much change, it will oscillate between 12000 and 13000 in the short term. Guoan Fund 7 The decision not to leave the second quarter of the month in the regular meeting has a declarative effect on the “one thousand two” and will also bring substantial support. As for the counter index, after falling below the quarterly line, it will stand back, the short-term moving average is tangled, and the volume may rebound.

The long black K-bar on August 20 included the tension between the Huawei incident and the US, China and Taiwan. It was also normal pressure to release the rise and long. However, it broke through the long black K-bar in just three days, showing the market atmosphere. Still on the long side, we must also pay attention to the fact that the rebounding mainstream is not clear. The original strong electronic stocks are slightly weak. The leader TSMC has played a key role. Although the performance of the industry and financial stocks has performed, it may be of transitional nature.

Although there are differences in semiconductor trends on the disk, TSMC has purchased land for the fourth time in the past quarter, and its market share has not only been the leader but also significantly surpassed its opponents. It also stated that seven nanometers are in Zhongke, five nanometers and three nanometers are in Nanke, two nanometers will settle in the bamboo branch, and the technical threshold is getting higher and higher. Under the extremely high weighting ratio, TSMC’s ups and downs are on the horizon. From another perspective, if the long-term operation continues to be optimistic, the index retracement should be limited.

TSMC stated at the technology forum that the advanced process capacity has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 28% from 2016 to 2020. In 2018, it introduced 7-nanometer mass production, and its capacity has grown by more than three. Five times, five nanometers. The first and second phases have already begun mass production. It is estimated that the production capacity in 2012 will be three times that of this year. Two nanometers are acquiring land. According to statistics, TSMC’s production capacity is not only the world’s largest, but also greatly exceeds the second-ranked company by more than three times.

Pay attention to Apple and Tesla supply chain

Strong generals have no weak soldiers. In addition to the talents, world and creativity of their children, they also promote the overall supply chain performance. Such as the equipment factory Hongsu, the first half of the EPS five. Ninety three yuan is better than four in the same period last year. Seven or eight yuan, an annual increase of 28 in revenue in the first seven months. nine%. TSMC upgraded its capital expenditure to US$160-1.7 billion, and it was reported that Hongsu had won the order for the new packaging and testing plant in Zhunan, and its operating outlook was optimistic.

The previously strong technology stocks have mostly maintained a rotating pattern recently, and the overall market lacks significant and strong mainstream guidance. The performance of individual stocks is the standard. Special attention must be paid to the performance of MediaTek. Affected by the expansion of the US ban on Huawei, the stock price fell to the quarterly line. Below, the evaluation of the IC design group is relatively unfavorable, but there are still some sub-industry groups that perform well, such as e-sports related, wind power group and some components.

Among them, the wind power industry has government policy support and performance has gradually emerged. The overall stock price trend is relatively neat, with themes and popularity. Under the premise that the volume can not fall, there is still room for continuous upward performance, and it will also drive the price comparison effect. . E-sports can be expanded into the housing economy. The epidemic has pushed up the demand for remote office and online teaching. The third quarter is the traditional peak season. With the addition of new products from AMD and Nvidia, the operating performance is still promising.

In addition to the above-mentioned stocks that are already on the bull wave, technology stocks can also pay attention to Apple and Tesla related concept stocks. It is reported that Apple will release its new flagship smartphone iPhone in September. It may be astonishing every year, but the fruit powder is still strong. In addition, even though the red supply chain is on the rise, Taiwan’s huge supply chain is not made of plastic. , Especially pay attention to stocks related to new technologies and new applications.

Tesla’s stock price has repeatedly hit new highs, having exceeded $2,000, and its market value has surpassed Germany’s Volkswagen and Japan’s Toyota. It is still quite broad. According to Bloomberg News quoted iSeeCars data, even the second-hand car market has the highest sales speed. As production capacity and demand continue to expand, it will be a big opportunity for Taiwanese component manufacturers.