Today the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Markets Have A Daily Limit of 57

The three major indexes opened slightly higher in the morning and continued to adjust after the opening. On the disk, auto parts and gold concepts led the gains, while GEM registered stocks performed poorly. Subsequently, the GEM fluctuated and rose more than 1%. The main board index rose slightly, and the market atmosphere improved slightly. Individual stocks rose more and fell less, and the rate of board explosion was low. In the afternoon, the index maintained a high level of consolidation, once rose more than 2%, the main board index was slightly weaker, on the disk, the low-priced GEM stocks were sought after by funds, the stocks in the two markets rose more and fell less, and the overall atmosphere was good. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.61% to 3,350.11 points, with a turnover of 317.153 billion yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.79% to 13,535.09 points, with a turnover of 520.691 billion yuan; the Stock Index rose 1.70% to 2689.17 points, with a turnover of 317.153 billion yuan. 257.748 billion yuan.

From the perspective of the disk, the semiconductor, Tesla, and home appliance sectors performed strongly, with registered stocks on the Growth Enterprise Market, beer, and environmental engineering concepts leading the decline.

One, 76.9 billion funds compete for 20 shares: the main funds will focus on 7 shares (list)

Statistics show that the turnover of TOP20 stocks exceeded 76.9 billion yuan. According to the Sina Finance and Leve2 capital flow chart, among these 20 stocks, 7 stocks showed major capital inflows. Among them, CATL (204.950, 10.55, 5.43%) , Shanghai Silicon Industry (45.600, 6.48, 16.56%) main net inflow of over 600 million yuan; Longji shares (60.600, 3.00, 5.21%) main net inflow of over 300 million yuan; Yili shares (36.900, 1.08, 3.02%) , Ziguang Guowei (126.370, 5.41, 4.47%) main net inflow of more than 200 million yuan; Oriental Fortune (25.520, 0.24, 0.95%), SMIC (67.230, 0.97, 1.46%) main net inflow of less than 100 million yuan.

2. The daily limit resumption: the index oscillates and consolidates in the afternoon, and the newly registered stocks plummet

Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have a daily limit of 57 (including new stocks and ST categories), a limit of 15 stocks, 2863 rising stocks, 143 flat stocks, and 1039 falling stocks.

Today’s daily limit:

Today’s daily limit stock analysis
Name Increase Current price Daily limit analysis Open times
Senyuan shares 20.09% 5.38 Turnaround performance + new energy vehicles 4
Yunyi Electric 20.08% 5.68 New energy vehicles 0
Jiawei New Energy 20.05% 4.91 Photovoltaic Concept 1
HKUST Intelligence 20.03% 14.56 Tesla 0
Shuanglin 20.03% 7.61 Tesla 0
Xiuqiang shares 20.03% 8.51 Tesla 0
Derivative Technology 20.02% 9.71 New energy vehicles 1
Xianle Health 20.00% 115.92 new shares + performance growth 6
Lutong Vision 20.00% 11.34 Broadcasting and TV 1
Pengling shares 20.00% 5.46 New energy vehicles 0
Tianshan Biology 20.00% 16.08 Food sector 6
Lanying Equipment 20.00% 24 Photoresist 1
Yongqing Environmental 20.00% 8.64 Solid waste treatment 2
CLP Environmental Protection 19.94% 8.42 Solid waste treatment 8
Dongfang Electric 19.93% 3.67 New energy vehicles 2
Easyite 19.93% 6.44 Tesla 0
Whirlpool 10.06% 7.66 Tender offer 0
Chuanrun shares 10.04% 5.37 Performance growth 0
SIIC Development 10.04% 6.03 Real estate development 1
Temple shares 10.02% 22.06 new shares 0
DEREN ELECTRONICS 10.02% 19.22 Expected performance increase 0
Sea wheat food 10.01% 51.98 Food sector 0
Parker New Materials 10.01% 52.86 New shares 0
Sharpais 10.01% 10.66 Ophthalmology 0
Zhenhua Technology 10.01% 43.96 Passive components + military 2
Ganyuan Food 10.00% 138.67 new shares 0
Longda Meat 10.00% 14.41 Pork 13
Wanze shares 10.00% 15.07 Military Industry 3
Rongan Real Estate 10.00% 2.97 Performance growth 0
Glinda 10.00% 54.56 New shares 0
Aohai Technology 9.99% 78.36 new shares 3
Annie shares 9.99% 10.46 Intellectual property protection 6
Megmeet 9.99% 30.5 Smart home 1
SVA Network 9.99% 9.03 Change of controlling shareholder 0
Focus Technology 9.99% 17.95 Cross-border e-commerce 0
Huguang shares 9.99% 14.87 new shares 0
Tus Guhan 9.97% 12.57 Medicine 0
Sugon 9.89% 4 Turnaround performance + lithium battery 0
*ST Huaying 5.26% 2 ST Sector 1
*ST Hanye 5.23% 1.61 Oversold rebound 0
*ST Jiangte 5.21% 2.22 ST Sector 1
*ST ECCOM 5.21% 2.02 Oversold rebound 3
*ST Kelu 5.13% 3.69 ST Sector 0
*ST Huasu 5.09% 2.27 ST Sector 1
*ST Boxin 5.07% 6.84 oversold rebound 1
*ST target drug 5.03% 10.23 ST sector 0
*ST Contact 5.00% 1.47 Oversold rebound 7
ST Changyu 4.97% 3.17 ST sector 0
*ST Hailu 4.96% 4.23 Performance growth 0
*ST Dehao 4.92% 1.28 ST Sector 1
*ST Zhongchang 4.91% 2.78 Oversold rebound 5
*ST Jingui 4.88% 2.15 Resolve capital occupation 0
*ST contemporary 4.86% 1.51 ST sector 1
*ST Xinyi 4.82% 1.74 ST Sector 3
*ST Tianma 4.81% 2.18 ST Sector 9
*ST Jinyu 4.69% 1.34 Oversold rebound 1
*ST Rich Control 4.59% 1.14 ST Sector 1
Third, the 15th big blog looks at the market outlook: Friday, the market may have important changes

Tiantan: Institutional dividends have spawned a 20% daily limit wave

The reform of the 20% trading system is an important measure to improve the efficiency of the capital market. For the secondary market, this is a bonus in the history of GEM trading. Among them, the low-level and underestimated products that were severely stagnant in the early stage must be the focus of capital mining.

Although the main board did not increase the volume today, the GEM has surged today, and the SZSE funds have flowed in more than 1 billion yuan against the trend, indicating that foreign capital is still hunting down the GEM. As long as the market stabilizes later, the GEM is still the leader.

The overall market transactions have continued to shrink recently. While the market is low, it is also necessary to pay attention to the continued changes in transactions. If it cannot be released quickly, it is necessary to pay attention to short-term continuous fluctuations. Once the volume is increased, the market will form a phased top divergence trend randomly, and it is also necessary to prevent short-term risks after the index new high.

Hermit: The market will fluctuate repeatedly to confirm support

In the medium and long term, it is still a step-by-step approach. Select trend stocks and wait for the pull. The index will continue to fluctuate repeatedly at high levels, so that you will not be flustered by clearing the general direction, and knowing the trend of individual stocks before you know how to layout, and do what you know, so that you will not be eliminated by the market.

Today and tomorrow, the market will test this lower shadow line, and the probability of holding it is very high, and there will be a rebound here. Of course, from today’s point of view, the first rebound will not be able to chase it, and it will continue to fall. If it continues to fall, it can absorb the dips and boast a rebound.

According to news on August 27, most of the first batch of registered stocks on the Growth Enterprise Market weakened. As of press time, Kangtai Medical (110.290, -4.51, -3.93%) and Dahongli (70.360, -20.44, -22.51%) fell more than 10%. , Meichang shares (64.200, -13.81, -17.70%) and Jinchun shares (71.410, -13.99, -16.38%) fell nearly 10%.

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