Demonstration in Lyon, Nantes 40.000…

The “yellow jackets,” whose movement is six months old, called for demonstrations on Saturday, citing “patriotic” gatherings in the cities of Lyon and Nantes, where authorities fear rioters.

The French Interior Ministry counted less than 19,000 protesters (organizers spoke about 40,000) in Saturday’s marches, the weakest since Nov. 17.

In a sign of a decline in action, Bordeaux, one of the strongest protest strongholds, has seen a slow decline in mobilization since the spring, and marches no longer have more than 1,500 people.

In response to questions from Agence France-Presse, a number of demonstrators “yellow jackets”, but they stressed the continued movement.

Kevin O’Hare said. “We will take part in a Saturday demonstration at a national invitation, and logically all the North and West protestors will be in Nantes and the protesters in the south will be in Lyon,” he said. “Repression ultimately causes fear,” he said.

In Paris, the demonstration will be launched from Josio “in support of teachers” in protest against the Blancier Act.

The Champs Elysees Avenue, which houses the presidential palace and the National Assembly, as well as the Notre Dame sector, will be closed.

Two major events announced in Lyon and Nantes: this is the program of the 26th day of mobilization of “yellow vests”, Saturday, May 11, while the “yellow vests” seek a new breath. Organized in the aftermath of May 1, the previous day had mobilized fewer than 19,000 people, according to a count of the Ministry of Interior regularly challenged by the protesters.

Unless surprise, it is the capital of saplings that should host the most unifying rally Saturday. More than 5,300 people say they are interested in the event and 1,200 announce to participate in this mobilization, organized on the theme “Against the privatization of our public goods”. “Yellow vests” are expected from Besançon or Marseille in particular, just like the figure of the movement Jerome Rodrigues.

Anticipating a strong mobilization, the Rhone prefecture has extended the exclusion zone to four shopping areas. The event, declared, should avoid these sectors that concern the neighborhoods of Nord-Presqu, Victor Hugo-Perrache, Part-Dieu and Vieux-Lyon. Until now, only the area of ​​the peninsula was secure.

Establishment of demonstration ban areas on Saturday, May 11, 2019 from 11:00 am to midnight.

Ban all demonstrations on Saturday, May 11, 2019 from 11:00 to midnight in four defined perimeters.

For several weeks, the events called “Yellow Vests” disrupt every Saturday downtown Lyon and generate repeated attacks on people and property, which focus particularly on shops and street furniture.

Various calls for demonstration were launched for Saturday, May 11, 2019. Some are declared in prefecture, others are not. These gatherings being likely to generate important disturbances with the public order, Pascal MAILHOS, prefect of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region, prefect of the Rhone, prohibited by order several perimeters of the center-town of Lyon with the demonstrations Saturday, May 11, 2019 from 11:00 am to midnight:

• Perimeter 1 “North-Presqu’île”: bounded by the corner of Place Bellecour and rue Émile Zola, rue de Brest, rue Joseph Serlin, rue de la République, place de la République, rue de la Barre. Streets Joseph Serlin, Colonel Chambonnet and La Barre, as well as Place Bellecour are excluded from this perimeter;

• Perimeter 2 “Part-Dieu”: bounded by the corner of rue Garibaldi and Cours Lafayette, rue Paul
Bert, rue du Lac, rue Desaix, boulevard Marius Vivier-Merle, avenue Georges Pompidou, rue de la
Villette and Lafayette course to the Rhône, off Sarrail pier. Paul Bert Street is excluded from this

• Perimeter 3 “Victor Hugo-Gare Perrache”: bounded by the corner of the Perrache wharf and the Verdun Perrache course, the Verdun Rambaud course, the Rambaud wharf, the Verdun Gensoul course, the Carnot square, the Victor Hugo street, Place Bellecour, the Cours Verdun Récamier and Dr. Gailleton’s wharf. The wharves Perrache, Rambaud and Dr Gailleton, as well as Place Bellecour are excluded from
this perimeter;

• Perimeter 4 “Vieux-Lyon”: bounded by Place de la Commanderie, St-Georges Street, Caillat Street, Gourguillon Rise, Trinité Square, Tramassac Street, Rue du Boeuf, Chazeaux Rise, St-Barthélémy Rise, Saint Paul Square, Octavio Mey Street, Bondy Quay, Romain Rolland Quay and Fulchiron Quay;

Access to these perimeters will not be controlled to facilitate travel near busy streets and businesses. Checks will, however, be made within these perimeters. Offending protesters will be verbalized by the police.

The prefect also calls for vigilance and the sense of responsibility of each. It is necessary to respect
the itinerary of declared manifestations and away from all persons committing acts
violent or criminal.

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The "yellow jackets," whose movement is six months old, called for demonstrations on Saturday, citing "patriotic" gatherings in the cities of Lyon and Nantes, where authorities fear rioters

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