The Protests for Resignation of the President Pedro Sanchez

The protests against the government’s management of the coronavirus crisis, which began a week ago in the Madrid neighborhood of Salamanca, have been repeated this Sunday in different parts of the Spanish capital and in other cities. The most important demonstration has taken place in front of the PSOE headquarters in Madrid‘s Ferraz street, where hundreds of people have come to ask for the resignation of the president, Pedro Sanchez.

According to police sources that the agency Efe cites, some 450 people have gathered in front of the socialist headquarters showing their discontent with the Government with a saucepan, which has ended with the Spanish anthem and shouts of ‘Sanchez resignation’.

But it has been on Calle Nuñez de Balboa where a greater police device has been deployed, including a dozen vehicles from the Police Intervention Units (IPU) and a helicopter.

The Government Delegation in Madrid, which has not received any request to organize these protests, has stressed that the presence of the agents is intended to monitor that the attendees comply with the distancing and do not occupy the sidewalk. Since the beginning of the concentrations, last Sunday, the agents have identified and proposed for sanction more than a dozen people, according to police sources.

This Sunday the protests have also taken place in other places such as Moncloa, Aravaca, Pinar de Chamartín, Mirasierra or Chamberí and in neighboring municipalities such as Majadahonda or Pozuelo, while on Saturday several protesters staged a pan in Galapagar, in front of the second vice president’s home. , Pablo Iglesias.

To avoid the fines, the assistants in Núñez de Balboa have carried out, as on Saturday, tours of this street, and the areas surrounding the cry of “resignation” or “freedom”. Once again, officers have required these people not to stop, to move on the sidewalk so as not to invade the road, and to maintain safe distances.

Last Thursday, the residents of this street made an appeal by sticking posters on urban furniture asking that protests against the Government be made from their homes. “Do it from your house in compliance with the rules of confinement. We, the residents of this street, do it,” reads the poster with the flag of Spain and a black ribbon.

And also this Saturday a protest banner of several meters with the image of Pedro Sánchez with the slogan “A good Government obeys” was displayed in a building on Paseo de la Castellana, which was removed a few minutes later by the same people who they had placed it.

The protests have spread in recent days to cities like Seville, Zaragoza or Logroño, in which dozens of people have also gathered to ask for the resignation of the President of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, with saucepans and flags of Spain.

In Burgos this Sunday hundreds of people have walked its streets under cries of “resignation” and “freedom”, after a call encouraged it through social networks.

The protest has been supported by numerous people, who have even gone so far as to make a human chain respecting the safety distance from the Gamonal neighborhood to Costa Rica street, after traveling some of the main roads in the city, such as Vitoria street or the walks of the Ram and the Audience.

During the tour, slogans against the central government have been heard, as well as some saucepans, to which some people have joined from their windows and balconies as the protest passed.

There have also been demonstrations this Sunday in cities such as Leon, Salamanca, Córdoba or Valencia.

The citizen demonstrations began last Sunday after a group of young people gathered in front of a house in the Núñez de Balboa area (Madrid) that had music playing at full volume. The incident resulted in 12 people being identified and punished for failing to comply with the royal decree of a state of alarm.

As a result of this, throughout the week dozens of people have gathered in these streets, between Ramón de la Cruz and Ayala, located in the Salamanca district, to protest against the management of the Pedro Sánchez government despite that the declaration of the state of alarm prohibits the agglomeration of people.

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