Depression Eating these Foods will Make you More Depressed

Most depression patients tend to commit suicide, which can be said to be a very dangerous mental illness. While treating depression, patients with depression should also pay attention to their diet. There are some foods that must not be eaten. Today I will introduce them!

What not to eat for depression

1. People with depression should avoid frying rice

That is, you can’t eat popcorn. Because these foods belong to fragrant dryness and yin-injury foods, people with menopausal syndrome with yin deficiency and fire are not to eat them.

2. Paprika should be contraindicated for patients with depression

Because chili is a hot, spicy food, which is a kind of pungent and hot irritating food, it is easy to hurt the yin and get angry after eating. However, most patients with depression have liver and kidney yin deficiency and strong internal fire, so hot peppers should be avoided.

3. Avoid alcohol for patients with depression

Generally, patients with depression should drink as little alcohol as possible during their illness. Excessive drinking will make a person more depressed. The so-called drinking to relieve sorrow and worry will suppress appetite, cause malnutrition, and aggravate depression and health.

4. People with depression should avoid foods and drinks with high tyrosine content

The common ones are aged cheese, canned meat, soy sauce, yeast extract, herring and salmon, which are taboos for patients with depression.

5. Patients with depression should avoid cloves

This is a common five-spice condiment. It is a food with warm nature and pungent taste. If a person with depression eats too much or eats for a long time, it will easily help heat up and lose yin. In addition, patients with depression have high internal heat, so you should avoid eating spiced condiments such as cloves.

6. Cinnamon for patients with depression

This is a seasoning condiment. It is sexually hot and has a sweet taste. It is mainly beneficial to the effect of warming the fire and warming the yang, but it also has the disadvantages of promoting the fire, incense dryness and injuring the yin, and pungent to disperse blood. Therefore, the general depression patients should not eat more. Ingested by mistake, it is bound to exacerbate the condition of internal fever.

7. Avoid tea and coffee for patients with depression

Once depression patients consume too much caffeine (drink more than four cups of coffee or more than six cups of tea a day), then it may aggravate the condition. Tea, cola and coffee all aggravate the symptoms of insomnia in patients with depression, so patients should not drink tea or coffee before going to bed.

8. Depressed patients avoid processed foods and sweets

The common ones are hamburgers, french fries, fried chicken, etc. Eating too much of these is detrimental to the condition of depression.

The above introduction is the diet of depression, some of the content that patients should taboo, I hope everyone can understand, so we must remind patients with depression, when carrying out the dietary care of depression, we must pay attention to the above introduction. Avoid improper diet, but aggravate the condition.

Dietary principles for patients with depression

1. Long-term insomnia makes you consume a lot of energy. Supplementing nutrients in time is beneficial to the recovery of the disease. It is recommended to take a high-protein, high-fiber, and high-calorie diet, and pay attention to eating foods that moisturize the intestines to keep the stool smooth.

2. Supplement enough water to maintain the normal needs of the viscera, lubricate the intestines, facilitate the bowel movement, and promote the excretion of harmful substances in the body.

3. Avoid eating pungent, spicy, pickled, smoked and other irritating foods. Because there are many causes of insomnia, you should choose foods that suit you selectively according to your physique.