Deutsche Bahn Registered 50 Percent Fewer Passengers at Christmas

Berlin/ Over the holidays this year, due to the corona crisis, only half as many people traveled by train as in the previous year. “Between the 23.12. and the 27.12. we recorded around 700,000 travelers, ”said Deutsche Bahn on Monday.

The occupancy rate on long-distance trains was only around 25 percent on average during this period. In the days before Christmas, the federally owned company had expected an average occupancy rate of 35 to 40 percent over the holidays. In the past few years, the occupancy rate at Christmas was an average of 70 percent and peaked at up to 100 percent.

Accordingly, the trains were on time this year: around 89 percent of them arrived at their destination without any major delays, according to Deutsche Bahn. Deutsche Bahn counts every train that arrives with no more than six minutes delay as punctual.

The group had significantly expanded the offer over Christmas despite the expected low demand due to the restrictions in the corona crisis: Around 100 additional long-distance trains were in use until Sunday.

When the timetable changed in mid-December, Deutsche Bahn had already put 15 new ICE 4 trains into permanent operation, which increased the number of seats by another 13,000. In this way, the load should be kept as low as possible during the holidays in order to reduce the risk of infection.

For this purpose, employees at more than a dozen train stations in Germany distributed around 100,000 so-called FFP-2 masks over Christmas, mainly to older and sick travelers.


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