Development that is Hidden in Google’s Headphones

The Israeli Development that is Hidden in Google’s Headphones

 After Amazon, Facebook and Samsung, the Israeli DSPG shows significant collaboration with Google. Speaking to Ynet, CEO Ofer Elyakim reveals that an innovative AI (chip) developed by the company is integrated into Pixel Buds 2, Google’s new wireless headset released this week. “For us, this is a very big win, both strategically and at the level The technology that is in the chip. ”

Initial comparisons between Google’s headphones and Apple’s AirPuds headset, the market leader, predict that Google will be able to take significant market share from Apple this time, after failing in its previous attempt to do so. A factor in the industry estimates that DSPG is expected to receive about $ 2 on each pair of headsets sold, which means a very significant revenue for the company if Google forecasts its expected sales volume.

Elyakim reveals that DSPG has entered the wireless headset field with a number of new chipsets, and with strategic agreements with both Google and Japanese Panasonic, which is currently facing the Japanese market with the headset of the market leader, Sony.

. “Panasonic is very excited about the results they are seeing in the markets,” he said, who are now setting up a next-generation headset production line and will be launching the product in October-November. For us it is a significant writer. It’s a strategic customer and Panasonic has paved the way for us to work with another large number of customers. ”

The tiny chip integrated into the Google headset, less than its weight, is responsible for the artificial intelligence capabilities of the product. Elyakim explains: “There is a whole range of smart signal processing here that is centered on machine learning algorithms. The headphones are very smart, loud and do not need to be touched. They are constantly listening and waiting to hear the voice command. , They absorb it and increase the volume of the sound. ” In addition, the headphones monitor the jaw movement to detect speech and adjust the degree of noise reduction.

A new feature, which Google prominently promotes, is the translation capability of the headset through Google Translate. Here the DSPG chip receives the word spoken by the user, then it goes up to the cloud and the translation is played on the headphones. “All the smart processing in this headset is done on our chip, and with the translation done, everything is done on the chip itself,” says Elyakim. And if all these features make you want to purchase the headphones, we will sadly mention that Google’s hardware products are not officially imported to Israel.

The collaboration with Panasonic includes the more prestigious Technic brand and the Panasonic brand itself. This is a chip for sound processing: “We do the audio and noise reduction (ANC) here and are responsible for the entire audio system in the headset,” Elyakim says.

He said DSPG is now capable of delivering all the advanced audio technologies, “from smart processors that enable artificial intelligence processing within the device itself, to things related to noise monitoring, acoustic monitoring of events taking place, ambient noise monitoring, health data measurement such as heat and pulse, and of course Audio processing like ANC – eliminating background noise. ”

Looking for success with Google’s new headphones?
“With our chip the headphones are definitely ‘giving Fate’, head to head, in front of Apple headphones. Anyone who compares them says at least they are equal, or there is a benefit to Google’s headphones. In the past, Google was unsuccessful in the competition because the first generation of headphones was a product Much inferior. This is the smallest, easiest, closest competitor to AirPods. Apple sells more than 20 million systems a year, and I hope Google will do a lot better this time.

DSPG Integrated Products
Amazon’s Amazon Integrated Cybex Bike (Photo: Cybic)
Earlier, Ynet reported that a DSPG chip was also incorporated into Amazon’s smart glasses, which have so far been released as a beta product for Amazon Prime customers. Elyakim says that this October, Amazon will begin aggressively marketing the glasses, including collaborating with optics and designer networks. Here, too, market expectations are for large-scale sales, which predicts additional revenue for Israeli society.

Established in 1987, DSPG is a stockbroking company and has reinvented itself over the years, switching from digital home answering technology to home cordless phones and then to voice activation chips and now to sound processing and artificial intelligence. Its chips are installed on Samsung smartphones, Samsung TVs signs, a Facebook TV portal device, Amazon’s Alexa SiBax bike, Lenovo laptops and more.
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 After Amazon, Facebook and Samsung, the Israeli DSPG shows significant collaboration with Google.

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