Netflix doesn’t Need “Normal Employees”

Netflix, a major video-on-demand service in the United States, has no fixed working hours and does not require an application to take a vacation. You do not need to apply for expenses up to a certain amount when purchasing equipment necessary for business. Moreover, the boss does not even give orders to his subordinates.

Netflix’s momentum is endless. Every year, it spends a huge amount of money, which is said to be over 1 trillion yen, to create original content such as movies and dramas, and now it attracts more than 200 million users all over the world.

At the Golden Globe Awards, which is said to be the outpost of the American Academy Awards announced on March 1, Netflix works such as the popular drama “Queen’s Gambit” about female professional chess players won in 10 categories.

Sales for the fiscal year ended December 2020 increased by 24% from the previous year to about 25 billion dollars (about 2.7 trillion yen), and it continues to grow by 20 to 30% every year, and the latest market capitalization is 226 billion dollars. It reaches (about 24.3 trillion yen).

Talented people seek freedom
One of the factors for success is likely to be a heretical organizational climate with no rules.

Founder CEO Reed Hastings and Professor Erin Meyer of French business school INSEAD explained Netflix’s personnel system and organizational culture last fall, “No Rules, the world’s most” free “company. Was published.

Why is freedom important? Mr. Hastings, who was interviewed by the Japanese media in November 2020 for publication, explains:

“Really talented people want freedom. They want to work undisturbed. That’s why they’ve created an environment of tremendous freedom and attracted exceptionally talented employees.”

When Hastings founded Netflix, he wanted to focus on flexibility, freedom, and innovation rather than following rules to prevent mistakes. However, during the growth period of a company, the organization falls into chaos without rules and management processes.

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