Dollar, Yen Changed from 113.39 to 113.49

In the London FX market on the 12th, the dollar / yen moved from 113.39 yen to 113.59 yen. Euro shares are all high, US stock futures also rise, while US 10-year bonds have risen to the 2.89% level, the dollar / yen continued to make small movements.

The euro dollar moved from 1.1316 dollars to 1.1338 dollars, and the euro yen appreciated from 128.36 yen to 128.66 yen. I got paled up as I bought the pound.

The pound dollar rose from 1.2483 dollars to 1.2552 dollars. Observation of Prime Minister Vice victory over strong confidence vote of the Conservative Party leader strengthened the repurchase of pounds. The dollar / Swiss franc changed from 0.9923 francs to 0.9955 francs.