European Aviation Agency Warns of Iranian Airspace

On Saturday, the European Aviation Safety Agency recommended that airlines operating on the continent avoid Iranian airspace until further notice, after Iran recognized that its armed forces had accidentally shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane.

The recommendation is an extension of a previous recommendation by the agency to local authorities in European countries to prevent airlines from flying in Iran, at an altitude of less than 25,000 feet.

The agency added that the recommendation comes “in light of a statement from Iran that its armed forces accidentally shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane.”

Earlier on Saturday, hundreds of angry demonstrators gathered in the capital, Tehran, on Saturday, to protest the Iranian Revolutionary Guards shot down a Ukrainian plane and killed 176 people on board, including Iranians.

Iran issued a statement, on Saturday, acknowledging the downing of the Ukrainian passenger plane with a missile after the escalation of external pressure on Tehran, but the officials ’condolences to the families of the victims were not sufficient for some Iranians.

Iran has remained days and it denies Western accusations it was responsible for the plane crash that occurred last Wednesday, killing all 176 people in it.

And the authorities said Saturday that the air defense means, which were on alert after Iranian missile strikes on US targets in Iraq, fired a missile towards the plane by mistake.