Europe’s Sexiest Industry Returns to Show

“After a year of pandemic and recollection, it is time to stretch your legs”, announces the association of national footwear manufacturers, which has just launched a bold international campaign to promote the “made in” Portugal shoe.

After a brilliant decade of growth, with exports increasing by more than 50%, the Portuguese footwear industry started to lose speed, having sold abroad by 5.7% in 2019, to 1.8 billion euros, after have already decreased about 3% in the previous year.

Last year, badly affected by the pandemic crisis, the one that presents itself to the world as “the sexiest industry in Europe” must have lost close to a quarter of the export value achieved in 2019.

Boss of the shoe bosses: “Nobody can take a new confinement. Only pharmacists and psychologists ”

However, “after a year of pandemic and recollection, it is time to stretch your legs, run, dance and jump in the air to gain perspective. A qualitative leap in our lives and the lives of others: a new era is coming. Never the more we will be the same, we will necessarily be better “, announces the sector ‘s employers’ association (APICCAPS), which has just launched the 2021 Portuguese Shoes international promotion campaign.

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For this campaign, which was funded by the Compete 2020 Program, APICCAPS invited Portuguese dancers and models to star in a photo session signed by Frederico Martins.

“Images that lead us to the silence of a new beginning. The lived, expressive, muscular bodies, accustomed to the effort and the limit, shrink and stretch, fold and unfold, opening up with the arrival of spring. . Like a butterfly that comes out of the cocoon in search of the sun “, describes the association led by Luis Onofre, in a statement.

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“Come as you are, show your truth, skin and disarming nudity in black and white. Only authenticity can be the future, a starting point to do more with renewed energy, to color the page in white”, she paints APICCAPS.

Bosses appeal: “It’s time to buy Portuguese shoes”
In this uncertain time, APICCAPS considers that “the Portuguese footwear industry remains a safe value, a quality reference for the world”, as it “knows the value of things well done”, counting “with about 40 thousand artisans who every day they create unique pieces and wear Portugal and 163 countries to which we export, spread across five continents “.

APICCAPS stresses that the Portuguese footwear sector “is today a modern, fresh, throbbing, creative, irresistible industry. Europe’s sexiest industry has more and more world and more future, even when these seem postponed”, he observes.

And he guarantees: “In 2021 we are going to take a leap in the air, feet together, towards the future. To create lasting bases, with our feet firmly on the earth, on the sand, on the grass, in the world. Feet like roots”, concludes .

The president of APICCAPS, Luis Onofre, admits that “realistically, 2021 will still be a very demanding year, with several variables that we have not mastered”, and that “making predictions at this time would always be imprudent”.

However, Portuguese footwear, bailiff, “being aware of the difficulties, will seek to value its main arguments: creativity, productive capacity and efficient response to market demands”.

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