Portugal will Receive 55% Less Vaccines Planned in the First Quarter

“Our problem is upstream, it is outside of Portugal, under our control: the production capacity on the part of the pharmaceutical industry,” said the Prime Minister today. With fewer doses, less than one million Portuguese can be vaccinated by the end of March.

Portugal will receive 55% less  foreseen in the first quarter, said the Prime Minister today. Of the 4.4 million vaccines planned, the country will receive only 1.98 million.

“There is a very significant reduction in the number of vaccines that we will have in this first quarter, compared to what had been contracted by the European Union,” said António Costa today.

“If pharmaceutical companies had fulfilled the contracted by the EU, we could have 4.4 million vaccines in the first quarter, which would allow more than two million Portuguese to be vaccinated. It turns out, however, that pharmaceutical companies have significantly reduced their supply to the EU and consequently what the EU can distribute to all countries: instead of 4.4 million doses, we will receive 1.980 million doses ”, he explained

“Our vaccination capacity in the first quarter will be about half of what was expected between the pharmaceutical companies and the European Commission”, according to the prime minister.

In his speech, he stressed that Portugal’s problem “is neither one of distribution nor sufficient human resources to administer the vaccine. Our problem is upstream, out of Portugal, out of our control: the production capacity by the industry ”.

The official launched an appeal to the mayors from all over the country to create “new vaccination spaces” for the “following quarters”, by which time the country may already have enough vaccines that may require the “mobilization of other spaces”.

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