Facebook And Twitter Freeze Donald Trump’s Accounts

Facebook and Twitter have temporarily locked Donald Trump’s accounts following the storming of Congress by his supporters. Referring to “repeated and severe violations” of its regulations, Twitter froze the US president’s account for 12 hours and warned that further violations could lead him to permanently suspend Donald Trump’s account. He demanded the deletion of several of his tweets, including a video about yesterday’s riots due to the “risk of violence”.

In addition, the US president can no longer publish posts on Facebook and Instagram due to the violation of their rules.

The president’s account has been suspended at least until the change of administration
Following the tragic events at Capitol Hill, the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that the account had been frozen in light of the president’s intention to disrupt the normal transition to Biden’s tenure on January 20.

A day after the drama on Capitol Hill and the onslaught of protesters while confirming the results of the presidential election, President Donald Trump continues to be under attack from his party, even from unknown elements in his government – and especially from social media.
Twitter announced today (Thursday) that it will reactivate Trump’s account, following his agreement to delete problematic tweets. The social network announcement came after more than 12 hours in which the account was blocked due to belligerent remarks the president said on the platform in violation of policy (although there were also calls to avoid violence).

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