Dax Targets 14,000 Point Mark

The record hunt on the German stock market continues. In the morning, the Dax rises 0.4 percent to 13,945 points. At the same time, the leading index reached a new record high of 13,985 points. The previous high was 13,919 points and was from Wednesday yesterday. The Frankfurt benchmark ended this trading day with a plus of 1.8 percent and a reading of 13,892 points.

According to investor sentiment, the price gains could continue into February. At least that’s what the Handelsblatt annual survey Dax Sentiment signals.
Because according to this survey, private investors expect a correction right at the beginning of the year, many even the DAX annual low in February.

However, according to sentiment analysis, it is unlikely that the majority opinion will occur. One can smile at this view, but the sentiment forecast for the stock market year 2020 was largely correct, despite the corona pandemic. However, this does not apply to the course targets.

The Euwax sentiment of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange also provides the first signals for a further rise in the DAX. The indicator is derived from trading leverage products on the Dax and is considered a contra-indicator.

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