Facebook is Preparing A Connected Watch

Facebook‘s hardware ecosystem will grow in the coming months. After VR headsets, digital photo frames, and while waiting for smart glasses, the social network is working on its first connected watch. It should be released in 2022.

After smart photo frames (Portal), then virtual reality headsets (Oculus), Facebook will expand its hardware department with the launch of its own connected watch. According to The Information, it will run on Android, and it’s no doubt that it will use Wear OS, Google’s operating system for smartwatches.

Unless Facebook develops its own operating system, based on Android, and which we could therefore find in this watch, but also in Portal and Oculus. For over a year, it has been rumored that the social network has been developing its own operating system. Code name: Eye OS.

First the glasses, then the watch
In an already saturated market where Apple reigns supreme with its Apple Watch, Facebook would target an exit for 2022 and, to differentiate itself from the competition, Mark Zuckerberg would focus mainly on messaging and health. You shouldn’t expect a watch designed for sports, but rather a daily companion for your fitness exercises and especially to stay in touch with friends and contacts, via Messenger. Since Instagram and WhatsApp are also owned by Facebook, it is to be expected that the watch will be optimized for these social networks.

Before the arrival of this watch, we should see the first smart glasses from Facebook land. For the design and optical part, the company has partnered with Ray-Ban, and this frame is already tested internally. It will be equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS chips, a photo-video sensor and a battery. We imagine that it will then be possible to link the glasses and the future connected watch. This would allow Facebook to get ahead of all the competition.