Fearless Girl Moved to the New York Stock Exchang

Nearly 200 people attended this briefing ceremony this morning after the bronze statue was moved to a new home.  

The “Fearless Girl” was erected by State Street Global Investment Management (SSGA), declaring that the board of financial institutions lacked women. In the original location, the statue is like a frame, facing the Wall Street copper bull.

The dauntless girl sculpture is a little girl with a firm mind. With her hands in her waist, the ponytail swings in the wind and stares at the magnificent main entrance of the stock exchange in a new location.

This is the work of the artist Kristen Visbal. In March last year, Women’s Day was erected in the financial district of New York. The original project was not displayed for more than a week, but it was very popular soon, and the authorities decided to leave it. In place. As for the creators of the erected copper bulls in 1989, they accused the placement of the fearless girls in this location as an “advertising trick.”

Today, the fearless girl is well known around the world, and Dublin, Ireland has erected a replica statue in November; there are reports that she will appear in London in March.

At the same time, the cadres of State Street Global Investment Management pointed out that the number of female directors in the company has increased. State Street President Cyrus Taraporevala pointed out that since 2017, as of the end of September this year, 215 companies across the United States have added at least one female director.

He said: “She (the big fearless girl) has not only changed the way we invest, but also changed our view of the world.”