Fiat Confirmed A Compact SUV Coupe for Latin America in 2022

International reports claim that Fiat will consolidate a range of sports utility vehicles in Latin America, and after the newly known Progetto 363 will be revealed, a new SUV that would be referenced “376”. Both with no name defined yet.

Days ago, the Italian firm revealed the first images of a new reference SUV “Project 363“, destined for the markets of our region. However, it will not be the only one, as reports advanced some data of another SUV that will arrive later, identified so far as “Project 376“.

Regarding the first, we can say that it is a vehicle with a modern and very urban appearance on which Fiat has planned to carry out a survey to choose what will be its final name. Tuo, Domo or Pulse are the options. At first the Progetto 363 will debut with a 1.0-liter Turbo engine.

A key fact that since the development of this vehicle was known, is the influence of the Fiat Argo in its development, it will have an evolved platform of this model and other technical and even design components. The next “376” is then expected to incorporate some of these elements as well