Finland and Sweden Demand to Join the NATO But are Listening to Turkey’s Objections

Finland and Sweden have officially called for NATO’s alliance to merge with the Allied headquarters, a decision prompted by Ukraine’s invasion of Russia, but they must face Turkey’s objections to a membership process that should not take only a few weeks.
Neutres all along the war, the decision of Sweden and Finland to join NATO is one of the most important changes in Europe’s security architecture for decades, reflecting a radical change in public opinion in the Nordic region since the invasion of Russia on 24 February.

“This is a historic moment that we must seize,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during a ceremony held at a ceremony held by both Swedish and Finnish ambassadors in connection with the alliance. Candidate letters, each in a white chemical ornate of the national drape.

“I warmly welcome the requests for membership in the NATO of Finland and Sweden. You are our closest partners, and your membership in the OTAN will strengthen our common security,” said Mr Stoltenberg. The alliance considers that the accession of Finland and Sweden will strengthen considerably in Baltic Sea.

The demands have been officially raised, the Nordic countries and their many partisans must now face months later during which all resistance to their candidacy must be raised, the 30 members of the NATO must approve the enlargement.

Ratification by all allied parliaments could take up to one, according to diplomats.

Turkey has surprised its allies in recent days by declaring that it has reserves for the accession of Finland and Sweden, claiming that the two countries are acceding to individuals linked to the groups they consider as terrorists and s ‘Taking on the embargoes on arms exports that were imposed after its trip to Syria in 2019.

Stoltenberg stated on Wednesday that he thought the problems could be resolved.

“We are determined to work on all issues and to reach swift conclusions,” said Mr Stoltenberg, who was obliged to provide solid support on the part of all other allies.

Looking to advance the accession process, the Swedish Minister of Defense has already returned to Washington and will be followed by Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena.

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