Football Increased the Interest of Swiss Holidaymakers in Croatia

SVICARSKI portal reports that the success of the Croatian football team has significantly increased the interest of Swiss holidaymakers in Croatia and that this year has doubled the number of last minute reservations,  for the Croatian coast.

The portal writes that in the past month in the croatian tourist agency Croaticum, which specializes in vacations in the Croatian Adriatic, the government is in a positive state of affairs. Klaudija Racic, head of the Klaudija Racic agency, said they were massively called Swiss after winning the Croatian national team over Argentine and after having been looking for Croatia vacation reservations since mid-July, ie after the end of the World Cup.

Many of those interested previously did not go to Croatia for their vacation, but they all fascinated the way of the football team to the final of the SP, and reserved hotel rooms in Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar or Zagreb to live in a small country that was given by such football players. “This will be a record year,” says head of the Croaticum agency, adding that it has doubled the number of last minute reservations received for July and August this year.

It is recalled that Swiss tourists have more and more interest in summer holidays on the Croatian coast, and that last year they were more than 250 thousand, 10 percent more than last year. Croatia has become a tourist phenomenon in recent years, the Swiss portal writes, adding that this season will surely help the success of the national team. says that they have been consulted with numerous other tourist agencies that offer arrangements in Croatia and that they have confirmed that they have increased interest in the success of the SP. Helvetic Toursa’s spokeswoman Markus Flick said that their bookings for Croatia increased by two-fold in comparison to last year. Air carriers also point out that the number of tickets sold to Croatia has increased, especially to Zadar.

However, spokesman Flick points out that this does not mean that the success of Croatian footballers will have a long-term impact on the interest of Croatian holidaymakers on the Adriatic. But good footballers’ achievements have been achieved to raise awareness of Croatia among tourists, to make them known as a possible destination, “says Flick. Experts believe that this can definitely result in a greater number of vacation reservations in Croatia this and next year.

In the tourist agency Croaticum they plan to convert the tourists who came to them because of the success of the SP in regular visitors to Croatia, pointing out that their Swiss holidaymakers were in Switzerland for all ages.