Latest Stock Market

The day of 3 September closes flat for the derivative on Tech American securities, which reports a + 0.16%.

The short-term implications of the future on the E-mini Nasdaq 100 underscore the evolution of the positive phase to the test of the area of resistance 7.701.5. Possible a descent to the bottom 7.618.25. The curve is expected to be strengthened by testing new targets 7,784.75.


Neglected session for the German derivative, which stores the day with a check -0.13%.

The technical scenario of the Future on the DAX shows an extension of the trendline descending to the 12.258.5 support test with a resistance area identified at 12.484.5. The bearish figure suggests the likelihood of testing new identifiable bottoms in the 12.183.5 area.

Moderate downturn for the German mid-cap stocks index, which ended the day of 3 September with a negative percentage change of 0.30% compared to the previous session.

The medium-term analysis confirms the positive trend of the MDAX index, while if we look at the short-term chart, we see a weakening of the prices at the resistance test 27.130.5. First support seen at 26.665.5. Technically, it is expected in the short term, a negative evolution of the curve towards the bottom seen at 26.510.5.

Lively seated for the main London Stock Exchange, the protagonist of an upward trend, with a 0.97% progress.

The technical status of the FTSE 100 shows signs of worsening with support area set at 7,418.9, while on the upside the resistance area is identified at 7,603.7. For the next session we could see a new bearish with a target estimated at 7,333.3.

The medium-term technical status of the FTSE Mid Cap reiterates the negative trendline. However, analyzing the short-term chart, there is a less intense trend of the bearish line that could favor a positive development of the curve towards the resistance area identified at 40.684. Possible bullish points support the goal of the top at 41.049, while the first support is estimated at 40.320