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Department of Foreign Investment said in the latest report that it will reduce the rating of Silic-KY (6415) from the original “buy” to “sell” and the target price from 1212 Yuan was revised down to 900 yuan; Asian Department of Foreign Investment said that although Sil-KY is a good company, but the current high stock price is not attractive, so it decided to lower its rating and target price.

Asian Department of Foreign Investment said that it has been positively optimistic about Silicone-KY in the past three years. Although it is still optimistic about the company’s quality and long-term opportunities, good companies are not always good stocks. Foreign investment in Asia is estimated that Silic-KY may experience annual decline from the fourth quarter of this year to the second quarter of next year, mainly based on the expectation of excessive growth of 5G infrastructure and the change in demand for PC / servo services in the second half of this year. Factors; as the US has strict restrictions on China ’s technology export control, and the uncertainty of China ’s import substitution has continued to increase, coupled with factors such as Huawei ’s further sanctions, the current stock price is already unattractive, and it is decided to change the silicon force-KY ( 6415) The rating was reduced from the original “buy” to “sell”, and the target price was revised down from 1212 yuan to 900 yuan.

Taiwan stocks stood at the 18,000 mark yesterday.Taiwan stocks 520 rose less than 30% on the day. Taiwan stocks are now supported by domestic funds The overall situation,

According to the statistics of the Stock Exchange, foreign capital has sold more than 620 billion yuan in over-Taiwan stocks since January, but the Taiwan stock market can still hold the 18,000 point mark before the 520 market. Chen Yiguang, chairman of the first gold investment adviser, said that this is The result of the “Turkish duel” is because at the same time, the domestic investment has accumulated more than 580 billion yuan, and the buying and selling powers are equivalent, which allows Taiwan stocks to hold at a high point.


A wave of previously popular high-priced stocks collapsed! But the question is coming, do you dare to buy it?

On May 20, a large wave of high-priced stocks slumped. According to statistics from brokerage Chinese reporters, as of a special day such as May 19th, there were 83 listed companies whose share price exceeded 100 yuan in the A-share market, but many of these 83 stocks suffered heavy losses in the 20th. Among them, the previously soaring bioworld (173.500, -22.25, -11.37%) plunged 11.37%, OneNet One (345.510, -38.39, -10.00%) and worth buying (183.000, -20.33, -10.00%) , China-Singapore Secco (159.930, -17.76, -9.99%) fell to the limit, Palladium (150.450, -16.04, -9.63%), Xinyuan Micro (139.770, -13.43, -8.77%), Huafeng Measurement and Control (273.870,- 25.56, -8.54%) and other stocks fell more than 8%.

According to statistics from brokerage Chinese reporters, the weighted average increase of these stocks in the past year (from May 1 last year to May 19 this year, the same below) is close to 200%, and the weighted average price-earnings ratio (TTM) is more than 124 times . In addition, in the past year, there have been 146 stocks that have more than doubled. As of May 19, the market value of these stocks has exceeded 10 billion, of which 12 have exceeded 100 billion and 32 have exceeded 50 billion. The price-earnings ratio has reached 108 times. Some fund managers bluntly said that these stocks rose so that they were a little scared.

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