“We are Waiting for G20 and G7 on the Suspension of Patents for anti Covid Vaccines”

Nicoletta Dentico, head of the Society for International’s global health program, declared: “The US and the EU could exercise a very strong lever to ensure that the idea goes through”.

Nicoletta Dentico, head of the global health program of Society for International, is convinced of this and told media that in those offices “the geopolitical equilibrium and the weight that Big Pharma will have on the decision will be clearer”.

In particular, “at the G20 summit, the US and the EU could exert a very strong leverage to ensure that the idea goes through. The former because they are strong in the r-mna technology developed so far only by Moderna and Pfizer, the latter for the massive vaccine production “.

However, according to Dentico, “the proposal of the US president, Joe Biden, is a gesture of great political and also symbolic value, but it is not enough”.

“The announcement, in fact, is limited to vaccine patents, while on October 2, South Africa and India presented to the WTO a detailed proposal to suspend patents, know-how, trade secrets and access to data, for a whole series of health products, medical devices, drugs, and even vaccines, “explains the scholar.

120 member countries of the World Trade Organization have joined this project “which would reconfigure the pharmaceutical structure also in view of a forthcoming epidemic”. An initiative that is difficult to ignore, observes the expert.

“Biden’s words are producing a domino effect with a series of openings that until yesterday seemed impossible, with the EU, France and Spain saying they were in favor of the proposal”. Difficult to make a prediction today, says Dentico: “There are many intermediate steps to be established”. And a central role “in this chessboard is played by pharmaceutical companies”.