Google Human Resources Manager Eileen Naughton is Stepping Down

Google human resources manager, Eileen Naughton, announced Monday that she is leaving her job as the online search giant goes through a period of tension between part of the workforce and The direction. “My husband and I decided – after 6 years away from home, first in London and then in San Francisco – to return to New York to be closer to our family,” said Eileen Naughton in a statement obtained by media, “I am at the start of the process and wanted to let everyone know right away. I will work with Sundar (Pichai, CEO) and Ruth (Porat, CFO) to find an excellent leader for the human resources team, ”added the one who is also one of the group’s vice-presidents. The information was first revealed by Fortune magazine, which mainly highlights the internal problems of the Californian company, hard attacked by some of its employees, past or current. The company is criticized for its relations with the American and Chinese governments.

She is also accused of having suppressed cases of sexual harassment. In November 2018, from Singapore to London and at the group’s headquarters in California, thousands of employees had observed a work stoppage to denounce the management of harassment within the group. An unprecedented social movement at Google. Alphabet, its parent company, employs more than 100,000 people worldwide.