Google will Require Play Store Apps to Report how they Collect and Use Data

It is a kind of domino effect. After Apple has applied its App Tracking Transparency system that passes the user’s decision on whether or not to allow tracking by iOS apps, now Google also wants to know what apps collect and what they do with them user data.

According to Google, this measure aims to maintain a close link between the company and the developers to keep Google Play a safe space.

Google will also have its “App Tracking Transparency”
Google will launch a new feature for the Play Store security area. As the company says here on its page, this measure aims to help users better identify the types of data access and permissions that Android applications have in the background.

Thus, programmers will be required to inform in the description of the apps what data is collected and for what purpose. The research giant has given a deadline until 2022 to meet this new requirement.

Yes, this measure is familiar. The approach is practically the same as that of Apple when structuring its iOS 14.5 with the App Tracking Transparency system. Then, with the release still in beta of iOS 14.5, users began to have access to the data that the app requested from the user after its download.

At the time, some companies, such as Google, took a long time to want to update their applications, taking into account everything that from that moment on the user would understand.

Therefore, this novelty proposed by Google is also based on the App Tracking Transparency (ATT). The question that remains is whether, next, Android will also ask the user if it allows tracking!

In the case of Android, Google says it will consider some criteria for the apps to remain in the Play Store. These include:

If the developer of an app really needs to collect data from users to work or if they have the option to share this information on their own;
The app will have to allow users to request the deletion of their data if they decide to uninstall the service from their devices;

In fact, the company leaves a very clear message. It is these notes that show how Google intends to follow a model that Apple has followed for many years.

If we find that a programmer has misrepresented the data he provided and is violating the policy, we will require that he fix the problem.