Guaido to protesters: ‘I came to Venezuela thanks to you’

After arriving at Simon Bolivar International Airport in Maiquetia at noon on Monday, Juan Guaido went to Alfredo Sadel Square in Caracas, where he addressed hundreds of protesters.

In his speech he made a new call to hold demonstrations throughout the country for this Saturday, thanked the support of the Allied Governments, including Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Argentina and Honduras.

He also said that his entry into the country was possible thanks to the massive concentrations throughout Venezuela, and because the chain of command in the Armed Forces “is broken.”

The president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, posed a new challenge to Nicolas Maduro, upon landing at Simon Bolıvar International Airport, in Maiquetia, at exactly 12 noon on Monday.

As he had said in an interview he returned to his country through the main air terminal, where his arrest by the armed forces and the justice of the Chavez regime seemed more likely, given that he had left Venezuela by circumventing a ban issued by the Supreme Court.

At the airport not only a large number of supporters but also diplomatic representatives from countries such as the United States, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Romania and the Netherlands, who assured that their presence would allow them to “be on the lookout” for what happened to the leader opponent.

From early on, at least six tanks of the Venezuelan National Armed Forces were on their way to Maiquetia before the eventual arrival of the president in charge, which meant a deployment for their eventual arrest. However, a shout of rage was heard in the compound when Guaido, accompanied by his wife, left the migration zone to the reception area of ​​the travelers. Nothing against him happened there.

In brief statements to the press posted on the site, he stressed that he had returned as he had promised. “We went ahead,” was the first thing he said. Very soon there will be a cessation of the usurpation in Venezuela. ”

Thousands of people have come out to demonstrate for their return in several cities of the country, including Caracas.

After his arrival, Guaido went to the Alfredo Sadel square, where a crowd – summoned by him on social networks on Sunday – heard a new political message of his, addressed especially to the Armed Forces and state unions.

Guaid0 called for a new mobilization this Saturday throughout the country.


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The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) banned the president in charge from leaving the country, based on some accusations without any proof. And that is the position that Maduro is currently evaluating: face international rejection or not execute the “deprivation of liberty” demanded by Bolivarian leaders. Cost measurement, as the political scientists call it.

“A detention can provoke a much stronger and more radical response from the US,” warned Luis Vicente Leon, president of Datanalisis. “The truth is that now the burden falls much more on what the international community is willing to do, it’s time not to bark so much and start biting in a more determined way,” said Felix Seijas, director of the Delphos polling firm.

According to this political scientist, the possibility of Guaido being detained is 50%. For Luis Salamanca, former rector of the National Electoral Council, there are three scenarios: “Let him in without doing anything, put him in jail and not let him in, let him go outside. follow its strategy of accumulating international power and pressure to undermine the regime’s bases. ”

A triumphant return of the President of Parliament would facilitate the next steps for the challenge, which necessarily go through a readjustment “in the time frame”, as defined by Salamanca: “In January the matter was imminent, for now, while the government sought to extend the struggle as it might for an effect of bewilderment and disillusionment in an audience that is desperate for change and is very susceptible to both positive emotions (the change comes already) and the negative ones (two months passed and the change he did not come.) This is a process that does not have to be dated or dead-line, you should not say that you’re going to knock it out in the round that you’re going to do but look for the ko. “