Gucci Seeks to Promote the New Generations of Designers

Launches a master’s degree together with the Italian school Polimoda to prepare young talents in the fashion and luxury retail sector.

The formal education of the fashion industry, until a few years ago, had been focused on careers full of technicalities, however, the fashion business goes much further, from marketing to managing stores or production, and of course the creative direction.

In recent years, Polimoda, the Italian fashion school with more than 30 years of history and ranked in the top 10 world fashion schools by The Business of Fashion, has managed to create alliances and collaborations with the most important representatives of the industry in the world such as LVMH, Gucci, Ferragamo, Vogue Italia, TOD’S, among others.

This interest is due to the fact that the notion of fashion has changed in recent years and is now seen in a more serious way and as an important professional career, since an entire business has been developed around the industry, in which brands and companies participate and where there is increasing space for talent from around the world to work and develop in a valuable professional field.

Given this philosophy, the institution renews its collaboration with the luxury firm Gucci, which it launched for the first time in 2018 and this 2022 presents its new edition of the Fashion Retail and Omnichannel Management master’s degree.

Starting this year, the course that prepares young talents for a career in the fashion and luxury retail sector, adopts an innovative approach aimed at giving students the necessary tools to operate in an omnichannel context, where tradition and innovation combine to create an immersive and integrated shopping experience.

“Fashion brands are facing new challenges to conquer their consumers. An elegant store, an online showcase full of products and posts from influencers are no longer enough. Everyone wants to have something that is not easy to find, something exclusive”, Massimiliano Giornetti, director of Polimoda, commented in a statement.

“Luxury shoppers want unique and unforgettable experiences both online and offline. Thanks to the collaboration with Gucci, this master’s degree will prepare the new generation of professionals in omnichannel retail, they will be able to guide brands with content creation and unforgettable experiences for consumers”, he added.

What will the master’s degree be like?
Designed to prepare professionals in the various emerging positions in the sector, from E-Commerce Client Engagement to Digital Retail Operations, the new master’s degree in Retail and Omnichannel Fashion Management will be taught in the heart of Florence from October to June and will feature the participation of teaching staff from the fashion and luxury industries, as well as the organization of conferences with invited members of Gucci’s senior.

The structure of the course will be divided into four modules: Luxury Fashion Business, Omnichannel Retail Management, Fashion Store Concept, and Interpersonal Skills. The master’s degree lasts 9 months and will combine theory and practice, offering students a unique learning experience with in-depth studies and a final project, with a total of 700 hours.

In addition to benefiting from a privileged view of the dynamics of the industry, at the end of the course the best students may be selected by Gucci for professional internships or job opportunities.


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Launches a master's degree together with the Italian school Polimoda to prepare young talents in the fashion and luxury retail sector.

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