Hidden Feature of Windows 10

Using Windows 10’s hidden feature “Provisioning” to master “three proposals”

The biggest difference between Windows 10 and the previous OS is that the large update is done every six months, and the older version will be out of support in 18 months from release. How to respond to this schedule and operate it. This may be a significant burden for the person in charge of the information.

In the 3rd, we introduced “Provisioning” as a method of effective OS deployment at that time. Since configuration information (OS settings and application installation information) can be packaged in a model-independent manner, there is an advantage that it can reduce the effort of recreating the master, but on the other hand, it takes time to complete installation ” There are also applications that you can not do “.

In this issue, we will address these challenges and think about “realistic method” of operating provisioning packages in companies.

Although the update cycle is short and it is necessary to change PC operation so far, Windows 10 often emphasizes disadvantages, but while constantly improving productivity using the latest technology, There is also a merit that it will be able to respond to the way of working.

In order to make good use of its merit, I think that “PC should reduce physical constraints as much as possible”. Copying the master image “Cloning” requires that the source PC and destination PC must be in the same location – that is, the physical restrictions are extremely strong. It is no exaggeration to say that this was making the enterprise’s PC environment uniform and inflexible.

On the other hand, the technology called provisioning package aims to provide a user-centered and flexible environment by separating the information “environment and application” from the physical PC and OS and externalizing it. And the point where PC operation itself is easy here is also hidden. We will introduce three operation methods for that.

To set up a PC with a provisioning package you only need the time and the space and power to run the PC. It may not be cost effective for individual companies to own those facilities for semi – annual updates.

In such cases it is hands outsourcing. If it is a specialized company, we have facilities for setup. For example, at our company, there is a technical center like “Hashimoto Tec” in PC Sagamihara City, a factory specialized in PC. Since the work is done almost automatically, there is no trouble like making a procedure manual in commissioning. Even a contractor will not need a lot of manpower.

Although we are in compliance, it is a good idea to confirm whether OS deployment by provisioning package is possible in consigning work. Such companies may still be few, but it seems that they will increase in the future.