How to Turn off Windows WiFi When Connecting the Network Cable to your Computer

Thus, it is important to give Windows 10 the ability to turn off WiFi whenever we connect a network cable, so that we have faster and even more stable connections. This configuration can be done in two simple ways.

1 – Use Windows 10 WiFi settings
In the first option, they will use the network card settings, so to turn off WiFi whenever the cable is connected. Start by opening the Control Panel and then inside you will have to navigate to a specific location.

Choose the option Network and Internet and then Network and Sharing Center. Click on the WiFi network to which you are connected and the status window will open. Here, click on the Properties button, then on Configure, in the new window.

Windows 10 disconnect WiFi network cable

Finally, and in the WiFi card properties window, click on the Advanced tab. Finally, they must choose from the list of properties the option Disconnect when a cable is connected (Disabled Upon Wired Connect) and change the setting to Enabled.

2 – Order the disconnect when connecting the network cable
If the previous option is not present, they must test another way. Open the Device Manager and open the Network Cards area. There they find the network card and must click on it twice to open the Properties window.

Windows 10 disconnect WiFi network cable

In the Properties list, choose the Priority and VLAN option and change the value to Priority activated or Priority and VLAN enabled. After these changes, Windows 10 must be restarted for the options to be assumed.

These are two simple ways to give Windows the ability to adapt to existing networks, whether they are WiFi or cable. They are thus able to guarantee the fastest connection to the Internet, without having to configure the interfaces.