How to Deal with Depression

Depression can touch the whole world. But “having morals in birth” does not mean “being depressed”. When the disease strikes, it is associated with troubles, disabling sentiments, which empectively live. When it comes to depression, some signs need to be alerted and amenable to consulting a professional, this is not a simple coffee break…

Distinguish depression and sadness
“I’m sad”, “I’m depressed”. These expressions employed by Envi do not permit us to distinguish between ordinary abatement and other diseases. Beyond the sadness, depression is a disabling moral suffrage that disrupts relationships with family, friends, and professional entourage. It appears in the form of longer or shorter episodes. If it loses in time, it is a chronic depression.

As for bipolar disorder (which calls for “mania-depression”), it is an alternation of depressive episodes and periods of exacerbation and exacerbated euphoria. Depressed people affirmative have never had this type of troubleshooting, although they already know the sadness or the difficult caps. The depression represents a real rupture with past experiences.

Repair the signs of depression
To speak of true depression, in the medical sense of the term, several of the following symptoms must be present during the major part of the day, and this, at least two weeks of affiliation:

– intense sadness, hypersensitivity;
– diminution or absence of interest or pleasure;
– eating disorders: loss of appetite and weight or, conversely, bulimia;
– troublesome sleep: insomnia or, on the contrary, tendency to sleep too much;
– fatigue and loss of energy, even without particular effort;
– sentiment of guilt or devaluation;
– difficulty concentrating, intellectual slowdown;
– black ideas or death thoughts.

In all cases, it is difficult to establish its own diagnostic. It is therefore advisable to consult your doctor.


What should I do if I suddenly feel inexplicably irritable?

How to deal with depression

Frustration is never a fun thing. Whether it was a relationship that ended in failure, or lost an important opportunity for professional promotion. But no matter what frustrating thing is, it is often not as bad as it seems, and there are more ways to solve it than you think. You can find ways to overcome the frustration and make yourself stronger. Please read below for details.

Release the feelings. If you are facing a major setback, you will naturally feel upset and even unhappy. The doctor said that sudden loss of life goals is no different from coping with pain, so whether your book is not selling well, or if your boyfriend asks you to break up instead of marrying you, you will feel “in grief.” It’s normal to feel extreme sadness and pain. What is important is that you can admit the pain in the first place.

Don’t feel ashamed to cry. There is no research showing that tears are harmful to you.
If someone hurts you, don’t let him see you crying. Don’t let him feel complacent about it and handle his emotions in private.
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Take some suggestions. Everyone says to you “Isn’t this the end of the world?” Yes, this may be the most annoying of all the kind suggestions you hear, but these are all positive opinions. Take a step back and ask yourself, “Is it still that important in a year? How about half a year? Or a month?” Perhaps the light is at its end, and whatever happens will not completely ruin your life. Of course, it may be a major setback, but this does not mean you are hopeless.
Talk to a reasonable friend about your situation, preferably seniors, who have experienced more setbacks and can give you more insights.

Thankful. You might be thinking, “Grateful?? How can I be grateful at this time?”-This is why you can no longer grieve because of your faults and start thinking about everything for the better. There are many things you can be grateful for: a warm family, a vast network, a promising career, a healthy body, and even a precious little pet. Maybe you care too much about what you lack, and you don’t have time to take a step back and think about it and be grateful for what you have.
List the people or things to thank. You will find that there are still more positive energy than negative energy in life.
Get in the habit of thanking others for everything they do for you. This will make gratitude a bigger part of your life.

Don’t “excessively” indulge in sadness. You should let your emotions go and be honest about feeling sad and depressed. However, indulging in grief should be moderate. If you waste a few weeks blaming yourself, crying like a big loser, curled up into a ball, “I’m so unfortunate!”, and regroup, then imagine how can you do things well? Give yourself a week or two to indulge in grief, and if you feel distressed, you can also give yourself a month. But remind yourself that the sooner you face it, the sooner you plan for success.

Travel long distances or soak up the sun. Sunlight can make people happy and at the same time reduce the possibility of indulging in sadness.
Leave yourself some wonderful time alone. But in order to regain strength, soon you should get out of your sad world and spend more time with your friends.
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Don’t blame yourself. Well, maybe you messed up. But it is more likely that many things are unfair at work, at home, in your town or in your circle of friends. Even if these things do concern you, stop remorse and continue living. If it has nothing to do with you-then even if you work hard, your boss will not give you a raise-step back and you will find that the current world is a bit unfair, but you have done your best.

Indeed, since we feel the most in controlling the whole situation, we can easily blame ourselves. If you are thinking, “If I handle X in another way, then Y will…”, then you will feel that everything in the universe has its own laws. However, there is nothing you can do to change it. You must accept the facts and continue to live.
If you blame yourself, you must be a person with low self-confidence, right? If that is the case, then it will be difficult for you to make a new plan.

Adjust your expectations. This does not mean that if you want to be an Oscar-winning actress, you should retreat to an extra. It means that the movie starring Brad Pitt may have to be put on hold for a while. Think of something more manageable to do, you can do it yourself, and make yourself happy. This is different from lowering your own standards—it means you find a more practical way to deal with things within your power and beyond your ability. If you adopt a more practical approach, you may not be so prone to frustration in the future.

Throw away the rain and fog and see the light again. You might think that there is nothing to be optimistic in this situation, but that is not the case. You broke up with someone you think you love in your life. Have you ever thought that two people are really a pair? You are unemployed. Have you ever thought that this job is best for you? If a door is closed, maybe it opens a window or two, the whole experience can even bring you better results.
Trying to find positive energy in a difficult situation can help you think more optimistically. If you want to get out of frustration and move on, you must do so.

Take a nap. Okay, you were fired, dumped, and injured your leg. Does this mean you should find a new job as soon as possible, join the OkCupid dating site, or start training for a marathon? of course not. Give yourself time to calm down until you can make a rational decision. Obviously, you can be training for the game with a leg injury, or you can start looking for a new job very early, but you have to understand these situations. If you want to solve the problem immediately after suffering a setback, you may not be able to think from a rational perspective and make disappointing and desperate decisions.
Be careful in the early stages of frustration. Take a walk every day for a week. Don’t do anything that will sink or grieve you, clear your mind, do different things, and

Learn to accept reality. This is another important aspect of dealing with depression. You can’t keep complaining about the unfairness of the world, always thinking about how terrible things happen to you. Well, maybe it is true, but it happened and you can’t change it. This has become history, and experience is the best gift for you. No matter how unsatisfactory you have been, if you want a better future, you must accept the past.
Obviously, you need to “learn” to accept, because this does not happen overnight. For example, if your husband is unfaithful to you, can you “accept” it quickly? Obviously not, but you can find a place where you will not feel very angry and painful and stay there.

Spend some time with good friends and family. Of course, hanging out with your mother or a good friend will not help you improve your career status or find a new place, but it will make you feel better in the process. You will find that you have many wonderful relationships, and you have great supporters who can help you through difficulties. As long as they are there, even if you don’t tell everyone about your misfortune, you will feel that you are not facing the pain alone.
If you feel uncomfortable, don’t force yourself to participate in noisy social activities; walk in a clean place with family and friends.

Make a new plan. The old way doesn’t work anymore, does it? It’s ok. In order to avoid unexpected obstacles, the ship always changes course in the middle of the night, and so do you. Find a new way to realize your professional ideals, find the perfect man, or make your dream of charity a reality. Because you will not be able to walk independently for a few months after your body is injured, make a rehabilitation plan with your physical therapist.
Look at your life from another angle. You continue to toss, how can you pursue your dreams and make yourself happy?

Seek advice. Talk to someone with a clear goal. If you are a teacher who is working hard for your work, talk to the principal. If you are an artist, see if there are other artists in your city willing to provide you with some insights. Call to ask relatives and friends if they know what to do if they have to move to an unsatisfactory place to find a job. Ask my mother what it was like to get divorced. Although everyone’s situation is different, getting advice from different people (provided you have to trust them) can give you more direction and let you see that there are still many people who are working hard.

Prepare for new opportunities. Maybe you failed to be the person in charge of programming at the college, but someone wants you to be responsible for the newly opened recitation series. Seizing the opportunity to try different things will not only enrich your experience and help you and others in your work, but also increase your confidence in achieving your goals. If you only want to do a few things A, B or C, you will turn a blind eye when the best opportunity Z comes and let him go away swaggeringly.

New friends, new opportunities. Don’t get too close or go out with friends in the same circle. Getting to know new partners will bring new energy and opportunities to your life.

Maybe you want to find a job like a high school teacher, but you have never had the opportunity. Why not try related positions, such as teaching at a community college. This is a great opportunity for you to gain the experience you need.

Look for inspiration. Nobel Prize winner Alice Monroe published her first work at the age of 37 (!!!), Steve Jobs played truant from school, and Matthew McConaughey was a chicken coop cleaner before becoming famous. Look at the major setbacks they suffered before they became more courageous and appreciated. If success can be achieved without effort, there is no need to work hard, right?

Learn from your mistakes. You have suffered a setback, will it set you back a few years and ruin your mood? of course not. You can learn some lessons from this. Should you do more research, don’t trust others too much, or shouldn’t you just fall into the situation when you are uncertain. It’s not easy to learn from it, so be optimistic about how these experiences can help you in the future.
If you have never fallen, you will not know how to get up. This is all about learning experience.

Don’t tell friends what “may” happen. You are about to have a good job. You date a boy for 6 weeks and feel like he is the “right other half”. The agent requested to see the manuscript of your novel, and you feel that he is about to ask you to sign a contract. Your boss mentioned an exciting new position, and you think you will be selected for that position. You can share these feelings with one or two girlfriends, but if you tell twenty friends or acquaintances about what “may happen”, you will feel even more sad when it doesn’t happen. Tell everyone the bad news.

In the future, stay cautious and optimistic, but keep a low profile, and share your success and joy afterwards.
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Keep hope. No matter how frustrated, hope is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. No matter how small the hope is, keep optimistic, face things positively, and always look forward to life. If you have confidence in the future and believe it will bring good omen, you are more likely to succeed. Confident people can make meaningful connections and look for opportunities that are ridiculed by most “real” people and considered unlikely. Look up, good things will happen to you.
Going out with hopeful and optimistic people is a good way to maintain a positive attitude. If everyone around you is hitting you, where is the hope?

Affirm your worth. Whether it is because you are a great mother, a great animator, or an incredible audience, or you are a great writer, a keen observer, or a computer wizard. For your friends, you are invaluable. You have to remember that you are a valuable person and can create more value. Remind yourself to remember all your strengths and contribute to society, because the world needs it—even if you don’t feel that way after suffering a setback.
List the 5 best things about yourself. How can you use these characteristics to turn it into an advantage?
If you think you are worthless, then potential employers, other important people, friends, etc. will think so.

Make time for recreation. Does recreation have anything to do with making new plans, achieving goals, and avoiding future setbacks? It can be said that there is no or there is. If you care too much about achieving goals and overcoming difficulties, then you can never stop, breathe, and relax. Pastime is as important as investing your resume to 20 companies, because it allows you to lay a good foundation, relax, appreciate everything you have, and reduce your stress.
Believe it or not, you can have fun while also eliminating depression in entertainment. In fact, pastime can make it easier for you.

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