The Divorce still Stands Kim and her 4 Children Dressed Coordinated with Kanye Presenting his New Album

Do we have to get used to seeing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West together, with their 4 children, despite the fact that their divorce process continues and does not stop? Well, it seems that it is, because last night all the Kardashian-West were all united in the second presentation of Ye’s new album, Donda, in Atlanta. United, dressed in a coordinated way (as happened in the previous presentation), Kim sharing moments of the night in networks … Wow, absolute normality despite the fact that there are songs from this album that are dedicated to their separation and to his almost ex-wife . We are missing a piece in this equation: Irina Shayk, who was not present (she is on vacation with her friends in Europe) but who, although there is little information, it is known that she continues to go out with Kanye.

Kim and his 4 children saw Kanye sing the song Love Unconditionally in which the musician asks his wife to come back with him; Irina herself will also have had to listen to it but hey, they are things of writing songs inspired by your own experiences. Perhaps Kardashian felt a little uncomfortable with the lyrics of another song, which she presented just last night, in which a line said “you have come here to show me that you are still in love with me.” A little dart for his still wife? And with her 4 children in common as witnesses.

Well, surely his family knows how to interpret his art and they do not take it badly despite the fact that, as expected, Donda tells Kanye’s version of the divorce of this mediatic couple. After all, what is music but a form of expression.

Perhaps Donda is a kind of therapy for Kanye West (Kim already has her social networks and family reality shows to talk about their separation) and she needed to express her feelings with music. But, in the meantime and very discreetly, her romance with Irina Shayk continues away from the spotlight and with little information. It is said that she has preferred not to spend the summer holidays with him – and we can understand it, with the presentation of the album in the middle – and that hers is going little by little and without labels on the nature of her relationship.