Musk’s Cyberpunk Pickup

The fact that Tesla intends to release its own pickup, it became known in December 2017. A month later, Ilon Musk announced that the car would be larger than the Ford F-150 and get some kind of “breakthrough” feature. It was noted that the details of the upcoming new product will be disclosed between October 2018 and April 2019. It seems that this moment has come – in an interview with the Recode publication, the entrepreneur announced that the pick-up might be so futuristic that some people would hardly dare to buy it.

It was noted that the appearance of the car will be inspired by the film “Blade Runner” and will contain a huge amount of titanium. Back in August, Ilon admitted that the pickup was his personal favorite among the company’s planned cars. Since only he is strongly interested in this project, the car is unlikely to gain mass popularity. However, you should not be afraid – later the company will release the usual version of the pickup.

I can’t reveal all the details, but it will really look like Blade Runner cyberpunk pickup. He will be awesome, he will be so amazing that he will stop my heart.

According to Ilona Mask, he doesn’t care if anyone buys his pickup truck. Even if it is not in demand, its more familiar option will definitely interest buyers.

The interview also mentioned a new version of the Tesla Roadster electric car.

We will have a new generation Roadster. It will be the fastest car with record acceleration, top speed and precise handling.

Having released a racing electric car, Ilon Musk wants to eliminate the halo effect around gasoline cars. He believes that having a fast electric car will prove that electricity is the best basis for cars.

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Hülya Karahan: The Founder