In Latvia They Proposed to Split Russia into Several Parts

A Deputy of Seym of Latvia Alexander Kirshtejns has declared, that Russia must “break up” into sections, for peace in Europe.

In Eastern Europe, they expect a redistribution of benefits, which should occur in the event of the collapse of Russia. This was stated in the European Parliament, commenting on the proposal of the Latvian MP to divide the Russian Federation into several parts on ethnic grounds. The State Duma is sure that the Seimas understand the absurdity of such statements and make them public.

Many politicians in Eastern Europe hope for the disintegration of Russia and the subsequent redistribution of benefits. This in a conversation with RT said the co-chairman of the party “Russian Union of Latvia”, MEP Miroslav Mitrofanov, commenting on the statements of the Latvian parliamentarian Alexander Kirshtejns.

“Only when Russia breaks up into smaller countries by ethnic composition, military conflicts will end, and in Europe, peace will come for many years,” he wrote on Twitter.

According to Mitrofanov, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, many in Latvia and Europe are counting on a similar outcome in relation to Russia.

“It is the hopes of many in Eastern Europe that, under the conditions of the weakening of Russia and Belarus, it will be possible to do what has been done with Ukraine  to eliminate the economic competitor, to destroy industry and make a colonial appendage … And directly administering the territories: in Lithuania, openly refers to the Kaliningrad region, which is called Little Lithuania, is not so openly in Latvia, but it is also implied that large territories will be managed by someone in the EU or the US administration, “the MEP noted.

Dreams to split or destroy Russia exist in the West for centuries, said the professor of the department of comparative political science of the faculty of humanities and social sciences PFUR Yuri Pochta.

“The largest country in the world, which occupies an important place in Eurasia and has an important impact on world events, is a concern of our Western colleagues,” friends. ” In fact, this is an attempt on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country. This politician is either a provocateur or we should bring him to justice for such words, using international structures, “the expert said in an interview with RT.

He recalled that earlier the West had contributed to the disintegration of Yugoslavia, since its authorities behaved independently.

“There is nothing new: some politicians think that once the USSR collapsed, then it must be pushed, and Russia will continue this process, and they will be able to control, as they say, small peaceful states. But it does not work out – and hence the embitterment and rejection of our policy, the desire to strengthen NATO, to threaten us, because they can not do anything. The more such statements sound, the more it means that the course of our policy has been chosen quite correctly, “the Post said.