Inter’s Attempts to Renew Lautaro do not Worry Barcelona

There is no rush or concern within Barcelona before Inter’s attempts to renew Lautaro Martinez, the great goal of the Barça club‘s summer, which has not moved for weeks pending as it is to close the exits of the discards and recover financial strength to present an offer that satisfies the Nerazzurro club after the € 111 million clause expired on July 7.

Then Barcelona did nothing. Aware that the Argentine’s market value is below this figure, the Catalan club continues to hope to satisfy Inter by including some of the discards. To date there have been several names that Barcelona fans have put on the table but the Italian club has only shown interest in Junior Firpo and Arturo Vidal, whose ancestry continues to grow and it is not even clear that he ends up leaving Barcelona.

“The rumors about Barcelona are lost in a vacuum, what matters are the facts,” said Giuseppe Marotta, Inter’s strong man in terms of transfers, to clarify that “it is a fact that Lautaro is our player and has never expressed the will to go. ” And it is true that he has not done so because the Argentine will only leave Inter if he is to enter Barcelona, ​​which at the moment remains motionless waiting to carry out an offensive that must be definitive.

The Catalan club does not want to make false steps and will wait to part with the players who will not follow in order to present an offer that is estimated to reach 60 million euros and Junior. In any case, there will be no news before three weeks since both Barcelona and the other important clubs are still pending to resolve their future in the European competitions, which will be decided from the first week of August.

Until then the club is confident in the work done and knows that Lautaro will not move from Milan if it is not to join the Catalan club, which in turn should serve to unlock the public position of Inter that in any case is perceived in Barcelona as part of a very complex negotiation.